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Best Connie Builds In Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Here's your guide to the best builds for Connie in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
Best Connie Builds In Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Picture: Gun Media

Connie is one Victim in Texas Chain Saw Massacre whose ability works quite well when it works but can fall short at other times; that's why it's so important to pick good perks and attributes for this character so she can really shine in your next match. Here are the best builds for Connie in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, including which perks and attributes are best to use on this character.

Best Connie Build In Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Connie's ability lets her pick locks instantly without using a lockpick, allowing her to efficiently traverse the map and help her teammates do the same. However, she can't use this ability often, and it comes at the sacrifice of not being able to efficiently detect killers. You'll need perks to help you make up for this lack of perception.

Best Perks For Connie

  • Best: Lucky Lockpicker

This ability allows the player to use a lockpick once with a chance of it not being consumed. Since Connie relies on her lockpicks to use her ability, this is a great pick for her. Her ability's cooldown is pretty long, so this can help make up for that weak point.

  • Strong: Exit Strategy, Pick On Me, Efficient Locksmith

Efficient Locksmith works similarly to Lucky Lockpicker but instead works on doors; your pick may not be consumed when opening one. Exit Strategy works well on Connie because she tends to be a guide for her team, opening doors and exits to allow for an escape path. Exit Strategy highlights the doors for Victims after a door is unlocked, letting them know where to go. Pick On Me highlights any lock you pick to your teammates, showing them your location; this is a great asset to assist with teamwork and is a match made in heaven for Connie.

Best Attributes For Connie

  • Proficiency, Stealth

Since Connie picks locks as her main ability, she relies on Proficiency and Stealth Victim attributes to use it well. Proficiency lets her do this more quickly - along with a range of other actions like gathering items or interacting with fuse boxes - while Stealth ensures she isn't caught while picking locks or getting the items she needs to do so.

connie texas chain saw massacre
Connie's best perks highlight her lockpicking ability. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Connie Skill Tree

Connie can die quite quickly in some Texas Chain Saw Massacre matches, but this set of abilities from her skill tree will give her a higher chance of staying alive throughout the match. A lack of a Stamina cost can be game-changing in Connie's favor, allowing her to evade opponents and keep up the use of her ability.

  • Level One: Shorter Debuff Duration
    • Shortens family and proximity debuffs to 20 seconds.
  • Level Two: Decreased Stamina Cost
    • Stamina consumed while activating the Focused ability is reduced by 35%; doesn't stack.
  • Level Three: No Stamina Cost
    • There's no stamina cost after reactivating your ability.

That's how to make the ideal Connie build in Texas Chain Saw Massacre using the game's many perks and allocating your skill points wisely among attributes. As with all Victims, Connie can make impressive plays and escape from Slaughter Family members in the hands of a proactive player who makes use of the metagame to create a useful build.