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Best Ana Builds In Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Here's our guide to the best builds for Ana in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
Best Ana Builds In Texas Chain Saw Massacre
(Picture: Gun Media)

Ana's Pain Is Nothing ability allows her to take less damage in almost all situations, making her a strong opponent against all Slaughter Family members and a great character to play if you want your team to escape. While Ana is strong on her own in terms of defense, she relies on the help of her teammates, as well as useful perks and attributes from her skill tree, to really shine.

Here are our favorite perks and attributes for Ana to create the best build for this Victim in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Best Ana Build In Texas Chain Saw Massacre

As we mentioned, Ana's Pain Is Nothing ability can get her out of a lot of sticky situations, but it isn't foolproof. Using perks to help her defend herself is a good idea, so you can make absolutely sure that you stay alive throughout the match.

Best Perks For Ana

  • Best: Grappler

Grapper is so useful to Ana because it allows her to escape Slaughter Family members' arms more efficiently, allowing her to escape one of the more dire situations in the game. Ana tends to win many close encounters anyway, thanks to her Strength, but Grappler gives her a last resort that ensures she never stays injured for long.

  • Strong: Extra Drip, Choose Flight

Choose Flight keeps your Stamina built, allowing you to take lots of damage without going down, which is excellent for Ana since she's built for close encounters, much like Leland. Extra Drip gives you extra health after using a health item, ensuring, again, that you can stay alive during close encounters with Family Members and avoid maintaining injuries.

ana texas chain saw massacre
Ana can survive many close encounters thanks to her strengths. (Picture: Gun Media)

Best Attributes For Ana

  • Toughness, Strength, Endurance, Stealth

Ana is a pretty versatile character, so there are several attributes you might consider maxing on her. Toughness and Strength are pretty vital to make the most of her Pain Is Nothing ability, but you can decide to allocate your points between Endurance and Stealth depending on your gameplay preferences. Alternatively, you could split your points down the middle, spending half of your remaining skill points on each.

Ana Skill Tree

Ana has a wide array of abilities, so it's best to enhance them all using her skill tree's perks. Reducing her damage and allowing her to restore stamina more quickly will allow her to hold her own in combat, while increasing your recharge rate as your third pick will help you use your powers often.

  • Level One: Reduced Damage
    • Your damage reduction multiple is set to 75%.
  • Level Two: Stamina Hit Recovery
    • While active, incoming melee attacks will restore a bit of stamina.
  • Level Three: Quicker Recharge Rate
    • Reduces the ability recharge rate to 135 seconds.

You can use these great perks and attributes for Ana as a guide for creating your own build for this character. Ana is a powerful Victim thanks to her innate ability that allows her to take less damage, but perks and attributes can really highlight her powers.