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All Slaughterhouse Exits in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Here's how to find all four exits on the Slaughterhouse map in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
All Slaughterhouse Exits in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Exits are an integral gameplay element of Texas Chain Saw Massacre. As a victim, they are your means of survival. While as a family member, they can wind up depriving you of a kill.

Whatever side you play, strong map knowledge and familiarity with the positioning of exits can be a real game changer. This guide will take you through how to find and function all four exit types on the Slaughterhouse map of Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

In a hurry? See our annotated map below for a quick rundown of the approximate locations of each exit.

Map source: Sumo Digital

Car Battery Gate

The exit powered by the car battery is towards the map's north, in an area called the loading dock. The yellow wire will lead you back toward the battery.

Fusebox Basement Door

There are plenty of fuse spawn points on the Slaughterhouse map including the exterior and interior walls of the main building and of a smaller building to the east of the map. A fusebox can be found either on the main building, the building in the south of the map, or the building in the center of the map. 

Generator Powered Gate

This exit can be found in the southeast corner of the map. The cattle grid beyond the gate can be activated/deactivated using the generator, which you'll find easily by following the yellow wire.

Pressure Valve Gate

To operate this gate east of the main facility, find the valve attachment. These spawn on the outside of almost all buildings. Once you've got your hands on the attachment, make your way down to Leatherface lair in the center of the basement to open the door.

That's all for Slaughterhouse but there are still two other maps to get to grips with. Check out our Family House and Gas Station exit guides.