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Texas Chain Saw Massacre Victim Tier List

Here's our tier list ranking of all the Texas Chain Saw Massacre Victims.
Texas Chain Saw Massacre Victim Tier List
(Picture: Gun Media)

There are six Victims in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre game: Leland,  Danny, Ana, Julie, Connie, and Sonny. TCSM fans will recognize some familiar faces in this list, as many characters from the TCSM movies make an appearance in the game. Each of these Victims has their own abilities and strengths, with some stronger than others. Let's take a deeper look at every Texas Chain Saw Massacre Victim, ranked, in our tier list.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Victims Ranked: Tier List

We've organized our TCSM Victim tier list from S tier to B tier, with S rank featuring the strongest Family members and B tier containing those Victims that might be a little weaker and require a skilled player to make the most of. 

Tier Victims
S Leland, Ana
A Julie, Danny
B Connie, Sonny

S Tier


Leland's Life Saver ability allows him to directly fend off Family members, bumping into them and stunning them. Because this can protect not only Leland but other Victims, he's a huge asset to the team and a life-saver, true to his ability's name.


Like Leland, Ana is a particularly strong Victim because she can protect herself in direct interactions with Family members. Her Pain Is Nothing ability lets her take less damage overall, and she's temporarily immune to poison, protecting her almost entirely from Sissy's power.

A Tier


Julie's Ultimate Escape stops Family members from tracking her, helping the team stay hidden for longer periods of time. She'll also have less stamina drain for a while, allowing her to keep up a chase. If you're a stealth player, Julie is a particularly great choice, but she's a pretty well-rounded option for any play style.


Danny is a versatile survivor, and is best at supporting his team. With some boosts to certain attributes, like Strength and Endurance, Danny can be a truly well-rounded Victim. However, he isn't quite as strong as Ana or Leland, whose aggressive abilities allow them to carry matches.

B Tier


Connie can pick locks faster than other Victims using her Focused ability, allowing her to open up passageways and create smart escape routes. She also doesn't require any special tools to do so, making her a resourceful choice. While this power sounds relatively strong on its own, it comes at the sacrifice of stamina and the warnings that players usually get when Family members are nearby. These debuffs are pretty harsh, so, ironically, Connie isn't a great "pick" at the time.


Sonny has the Heightened Sense ability, which lets him hear nearby players, much like The Cook on the killer end of things. While this ability makes Sonny an asset to his team, allowing other players to evade danger if he effectively communicates, he can't usually hold his own weight since he isn't particularly strong in any other area.


Who Is The Best Victim In Texas Chain Saw Massacre?

Arguably the best Victim in Texas Chain Saw Massacre is Leland. He's got the best offensive approach to avoiding and taking down Family Members. In a game where most characters rely on only defense to save themselves, using Leland's stuns can be game-changing.

That's it for our Texas Chain Saw Massacre Victim tier list. It's possible to win while playing any Victim, but you may have an easier time doing so with our A and S-tier options.