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Best Leland Builds In Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Here are all of the best builds for Leland in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
Best Leland Builds In Texas Chain Saw Massacre
(Picture: Gun Media)

Leland is one of Gun Media's Texas Chain Saw Massacre's original characters; while he's a fresh face, he brings with him an impressive new ability that makes him a fair match against most of the game's killers. Let's take a look at some of the strongest perks and attributes on one of Texas Chain Saw Massacre's new Victim characters, Leland, so you can create a build using your skill tree that works well on this Victim.

Best Leland Build In Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Leland has a special attack that can stun and slow down Family members, allowing him to easily take control of a match even when in a chase with killers. However, like all other players, Leland has his weaknesses; choosing perks and strong attributes in your skill tree can help patch those up or make his offensive ability even more powerful.

Best Perks For Leland

  • Best: Empowered

While playing Leland, you'll want Empowered on hand. It allows the player to regenerate stamina and health after a close encounter; this is of course, perfect for Leland, who can stun killers and thus often escape those close encounters. This perk was practically made for Leland, so you won't want to go without it.

  • Strong: Fight And Flight, Choose Fight, Been Workin' Out

Like Empowered, Fight And Fight provides you a boost after surviving a close encounter. When using these perks together, you'll no doubt be able to make your escape or continue your chase. Choose Fight helps Leland with his own ability, allowing stuns to last longer than before. Lastly, Been Workin' Out simply increases your Strength by 3, allowing you to engage in combat with Slaughter Family members.

leland texas chain saw
Leland is a strong Victim in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. (Picture: Gun Media)

Best Attributes For Leland

  • Endurance, Strength, Toughness

Endurance and Strength benefit Leland so he can continue using his stun ability and maintain chases against Slaughter Family members; for more aggressive players, Leland is a great choice. Toughness will also allow him to survive close encounters more often, benefiting him even further.

Leland Skill Tree

Because Leland is such an offensive Victim, it's best to improve on those abilities in his skill tree. Start out by increasing his stun duration, then increasing his stamina restoration to allow for an easy escape. Finish off your skill tree with Concussive Hit, which will make it even harder for stunned family members to get back on their feet.

  • Level One: Increased Stun Duration
    • Barged family members will be stunned for 10 seconds.
  • Level Two: Restore Stamina
    • After barging a family member, 60 Stamina is restored.
  • Level Three: Concussive Hit
    • Applies a concussed effect to knocked-down family members.

Those are the best perks and attributes for Leland in Texas Chain Saw Massacre to help you create the ideal build for this Victim. Leland can definitely hold his own, but using a strong build on him and utilizing it well can make your Victim team unstoppable.