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Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Muerto Times Roadmap

Here's what's coming next to the Texas Chain Saw Massacre according to the official roadmap.
Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Muerto Times Roadmap
NOTE - Whilst not mentioned on the roadmap, Gun Media has now announced a new TCSM DLC coming November 28 which includes a new survivor (Danny), a new family member (Nancy) and a new map. More info is available on the link.

Does Texas Chain Saw Massacre Have A Content Roadmap

Yes in a sense. The developers do outline what is being worked on and let fans know via a regular update called 'The Muerto Times'. That being said, officially, the team has also stated there's no plans for any expansive roadmap in the future. In an interview with MP1st, developers stated, "We will not be providing a roadmap." However, they added: "We are always thinking about what the first year will look like for our fans. We want to provide as much content as possible, but obviously, the success of the game will dictate what the first 12-18 months looks like for new content."

While this might make some fans a little nervous, it doesn't mean that no new content is coming. It just means that future updates for Gun Media's TCSM are dependent on how well the game sells, and if the game's player base remains consistently strong over time.

'Muerto Times Roadmap' Explained

Whilst there's no 'official roadmap' the developers at Gun Media have come up with something else called The Muerto Times, which acts as a semi-regular post detailing any upcoming changes. Here's a bit more info courtesy of the dev team:

"This will be our opportunity to communicate the status of some high impact, hot topics, and cover the general state of the game. While this list is not exhaustive, and there are a lot of other items we are currently working on in various stages of development, these are the key items at key moments in our workflow."

To make things simple, The Muerto Times is split into three core areas: 

  1. Fix In Testing
  2. Under Investigation
  3. Needs More Info

You'll find more info on each of these three areas just below in the drop-down menu.

"Fix In Testing" Explained

This means the team has completed a potential fix, but are currently testing that fix to verify it is suitable for deployment. A Fix In Testing item can still be delayed if the fix causes other issues within the game, or takes a little longer in certification (if certification is required). Should this fix clear our testing, it will be added to the very next patch or hotfix, or in the case of server side fixes, be deployed during off peak times in order to smoothly transition servers. The key difference to remember here is that most hotfixes and patches require some level of certification, which adds some time to the delivery of a fix. Other fixes are server side, which we can deploy by rolling out the fix onto servers and shuffling the player base off the servers without the fix applied and onto the servers where the fix has been applied. Server side fixes often do not require any downtime for the game.

“Under Investigation” Explained

This phase identifies issues the team is actively working on, investigating, and attempting to fix. These items are more in the active process of making the fix, prior to heading into testing. Fixes completed in this phase will move to Fix In Testing before rolling out to the community in one of the methods detailed above. This phase is the WORK the team needs to do to get to a Fix In Testing.

"Needs More Info" Explained

These are items we are aware of but are missing some key details and info. These are items that, if you are experiencing them, you should DEFINITELY be reporting to and making sure you provide all relevant information. If you already have reported the issue, keep an eye on your inbox as the support team will often reach out requesting more info from you in order to move these issues up from our own internal QA to Under Investigation. This is where partnership with our community keeps things running efficiently and gets things fixed faster.

Confirmed Texas Chain Saw Massacre 2023 Roadmap Features

Although the devs might prefer we not refer to The Muerto Times as a development roadmap, sorry, that's exactly what we're going to do.

Here is what is everything mentioned on the roadmap from The Muerto Times - Fifth Edition, released on 8 November 2023:

Fix In Testing

  • Over 250 Fixes In Testing
  • Grandpa Cut Scene Missing - Grandpa Awakened cut scene has been replaced with a simple banner notification
  • Grandpa Perks Up - Grandpa perks unequipping match to match is a fix in testing.
  • Local Fuse Box Saboteur In Town - Saboteur perk now accurately affects the fuse box as well as the generator.
  • Family Exploits Valve - Ability use to instantly exploit the valve closing mechanic is being addressed.
  • Johnny Trail Goes Cold - Fix in testing for a bug that made the footprints disappear for Johnny almost instantly.
  • Five Out Of Seven Victims Agree - If a full lobby has 5 out of 7 Victims Ready, the match timer drops to 30 seconds.
  • Trail of Blood - The blood trails left behind by Victims will now match the console version on PC as well.
  • Secruity Pin Lockdown - Security Pins perk now only affects the Cook's locks.
  • Building Up Pressure - Turning off the valve will now repressurize the tank.
  • Slaughterhouse Renovations - A particularly tricky valve tank will be relocated upstairs for better visibility.
  • Smoke House Closed For Buisness - The Smoke House door on the Gas Station map is being reworked.
  • Cook Ability Tuning - Crouch walking will now hide you from the Cook's Seek ability, and the duration of outlines due to detection have been fixed.
  • Tie It Off - Tourniquet perk is being fixed and will no longer completely remove bleed out effects.
  • Auto Crouch Toggle - Testing out a toggle for the auto crouch so players can choose to turn it off.
  • No Sell VS Chain Saw - No Sell will now more accurately affect overhead chainsaw attacks from Leatherface.

Under Investigation

  • Grappling Tuning
  • Perk Rebalancing
  • Party Disbanding Issues

Needs More Info

  • Issues with Achievements and Unlockables
  • Issues with Perks and Abilities
Texas Chain Saw Massacre Muerto Times 5
The fifth edition of the Muerto Times was released on 8 November 2023.