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Best Johnny Builds In Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Here's the best builds for Johnny, including perks and attributes, in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
Best Johnny Builds In Texas Chain Saw Massacre
(Picture: Gun Media)
1 December 2023 - We've updated this article with the best Cook build, following the recent TCSM updates and new characters!

Johnny is one of the new and original Slaughter Family members in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, having never appeared in the franchise's movies or other media. While he's new to the block, he's not a weak character by any means, and it's worth learning how to use this character's tracking ability to help your whole team.

Here are some of the best perks and attributes in Johnny's skill tree in Texas Chain Saw Massacre to help you build the ideal build for this Slaughter Family member.

Best Johnny Build In Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Johnny's ability relies on tracking down sneaky survivors, though his weakness is being unable to hit them with high-damage attacks without the help of perks, unlike Leatherface. Using the right perks and enhancing the right attributes from his skill tree can help Johnny take down Victims and provide optimal tracking for his team.

Best Perks For Johnny

  • Best: Big Swings

Big Swings is Johnny's best perk since it increases his damage; Johnny could use the little boost, allowing him to take Victims down with much more ease. Big Swings is a great perk overall, as it's also very strong on Leatherface.

  • Strong: Experienced Stalkers, Unrelenting, Serrated

Experienced Stalkers offers a benefit not just for Johnny but for the whole team, allowing all Slaughter Family members to more easily detect Victims at a closer range. Since Johnny relies on tracking anyway, this can really bolster that ability.

Unrelenting and Serrated increase the frequency and damage of Johnny's attacks, making him a more impactful Slaughter Family member and allowing him to stand alone to kill Victims without the help of other Family members, like Leatherface.

johnny texas chain saw massacre
Johnny is a tracking killer. (Picture: Gun Media)

Best Attributes For Johnny

  • Savagery, Endurance

Johnny isn't great at harvesting blood, and it's hard to make up for his lack in this area. Other teammates can pick up the slack there, so it's better to spend your skill points on attributes like Savagery and Endurance, allowing his attacks to make more of an impact throughout the match.

Johnny Skill Tree

Johnny is best at tracking, so it's best to make that ability even stronger using the perks in his skill tree. Try increasing his ability's recharge rate, as well as enhancing his tracking abilities with a bigger clue detection range and the ability to discern when footprints were left.

  • Level One: Quicker Recharge
    • Increase ability bar recharge rate by 14%.
  • Level Two: Increase Clue Range
    • Increase clue detection range by 30%.
  • Level Three: Footprint Freshness
    • Changes footprints' color based on when they were left.

Now you know how to create a strong build for Johnny, one of the new Slaughter Family members in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. While this character might not seem powerful when players first try their hand at him, his abilities can be heavily enhanced by using the game's perks and spending skill points wisely on attributes.