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Best Sonny Builds For Texas Chain Saw Massacre

We've put together the best build for Sonny in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
Best Sonny Builds For Texas Chain Saw Massacre
(Picture: Gun Media)

Some Victims in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, like Ana, like to tackle killers head-on in their efforts to escape; Sonny is more of a background player, working to gather information and communicate it to his team. While his ability lets him assist his whole team with relative ease, it can be made even stronger with the help of certain perks and allocating your skill points to Sonny's best attributes.

Let's take a look at the best Sonny build in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, including Sonny's best perks and attributes, so you can make sure you escape next time you play this Victim.

Best Sonny Build In Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Sonny's Heightened Sense ability allows him to detect those around him, allowing him to have a good idea of what's going on at any given time. He can then communicate this information to his team to help them avoid Slaughter Family members. To really make use of his power, Sonny can use the help of some perks that make it even stronger, as well as those that patch up his inability to stand up directly against Family members.

sonny texas chain saw massacre
Sonny can detect killers' locations. (Picture: Gun Media)

Best Perks For Sonny

  • Best: Tae Kwon Door

Sonny excels in many areas, but hand-to-hand combat isn't his strength; Tae Kwon Door makes up for his weaknesses by giving him a way to stun killers. This can easily throw them off guard, and give him a chance to escape so he can continue doing what he does best: keeping track of Family members' locations and supporting Victim team members.

  • Strong: Radar Detector,  Spotter

Radar Detector further enhances Sonny's detection, giving him the locations of all Slaughter Family members when Granpa uses Sonar. This gives Sonny some info that he can convey to his team, making it easier to evade killers. Sonny is best when played as a team player rather than trying to do everything on his own, so perks that help the whole team are always a good choice for him. Similarly to Radar Detector, Spotter helps you communicate information about Family members' locations to your team; it shows their auras to all Victims when they move near you.

Best Attributes For Sonny

  • Stealth, Proficiency

Because it's best for Sonny to stay undetected but detect others, Stealth is a great attribute to invest in Sonny. Proficiency may also be a good choice since it can help him complete tasks since he'll likely avoid direct combat with Family members.

Sonny Skill Tree

Sonny needs to stay stealthy to stay alive, but he also needs to make use of his ability frequently to identify killers' locations. Using Sonny's ability tree in this way will allow you to increase your ability range and see every killer on the map, allowing you to communicate that information to your team and protect all of you.

  • Level One: Decreased Cooldown
    • Cooldown charge is faster.
  • Level Two: Increased Range
    • Increased tracking range.
  • Level Three: Increase Proficiency
    • Increased tracking range.

Now you know how to create a strong build for Sonny in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.