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Best Sissy Builds In Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Here are the best builds for Sissy in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
Best Sissy Builds In Texas Chain Saw Massacre
(Picture: Gun Media)
1 December 2023 - We've updated this guide with the best Sissy builds following recent updates!

While many of the characters in Gun Media's Texas Chain Saw Massacre game are familiar faces from the famous horror franchise, it also includes some brand-new characters; Sissy is one of them. Her poison ability gives her a unique way to terrorize and take down Victims, but she needs to make use of perks and assign skill points to attributes wisely in her skill tree if players want to win high-ranked matches. Here are all of the best Sissy builds in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, so when you try out this new original Slaughter Family member, you can kill all the Victims effectively.

Best Sissy Build In Texas Chain Saw Massacre

As with all Slaughter family members, Sissy's ability gives her an edge over Victims. However, utilizing perks and attributes in this character's skill tree can help you play her to the best of your ability and win more games.

Best Perks For Sissy

  • Best: Universal Donor

Universal Donor is Sissy's best perk since it allows her to feed Grandpa more efficiently and collect more blood. While poison is her strong suit, she's also great at feeding Grandpa and leveling it up, so Universal Donor is a great choice if you want to go this route. It's better to use Sissy to feed Grandpa and strengthen him rather than directly attacking survivors.

  • Strong: Efficient Herbalist, Rubber Legs

Efficient Herbalist lets Sissy craft poisons without using up the ones given to her by her power, enhancing what she's already great at. This also keeps her strong throughout the match, rather than forcing her to burn out after using just a few potions to throw off and slow down survivors.

Rubber Legs is also a great choice to enhance Sissy's ability since it gives her more Stamina, letting her use her poisons more often. You'll also gain boosts from your own poison.

sissy tcsm
Sissy is better at feeding Grandpa than attacking survivors. (Picture: Gun Media_

Best Attributes For Sissy

  • Endurance, Harvesting

Sissy relies heavily on Endurance for success, so it's important to bulk out her Endurance stat for maximum effect and keep up not only attacking Victims but feeding Grandpa.

As for Harvesting, Sissy is an excellent Harvester, much like The Cook, so you'll want to continue adding to this stat so she can level up Grandpa even faster. Combined with a boost to her Endurance, Sissy can be really strong with these attributes.

Sissy Skill Tree

Sissy inflicts poison damage on Victims, making it hard for them to navigate around the map and combat family members. Since Sissy really only does one thing, you'll want to make sure she can do it as well as possible by increasing her cloud duration and then spending that last skill point on Toxic Cloud to create harm to Victims over time.

  • Level One: Increases Cloud Duration
    • Increases poison cloud duration to 50 seconds.
  • Level Two: Increases Cloud Duration
    • Increases poison cloud duration to 55 seconds.
  • Level Three: Toxic Cloud
    • Poison seeps into Victims' wounds, causing them to lose health for a short period.

That's how you can create the best build for Sissy in Texas Chain Saw Massacre using the game's perks and attributes.