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All Family House Exits in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Here's how to find all four exits on the Family House map in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
All Family House Exits in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Whether you’re playing in Texas Chain Saw Massacre as a family member or a victim, it’s vital you can quickly identify all possible routes of escape. Each time you play, the placement of exits, their controls, and necessary items like fuses or valves is randomised somewhat.

This guide will take you through how to locate and operate all four of the exits on the Family House map. For a quick overview, see our annotated version of the official Family House Map below, showing the approximate position of exits and what you need to operate them.

Map source: Sumo Digital

Car Battery Gate Exit

The ground behind the gate is electrified and can be turned on/off by jump-starting the battery of a nearby car. Follow the yellow wire if you’re having trouble finding it.


Fusebox Exit

To operate this exit, pull the fuse from the wall in Grandpa’s room or in the living room. The fuse should then be inserted in the fusebox: found in the Hitchhiker’s room, in the luggage room, or by the shed. Once powered, the door in the basement tunnels will be activated. It will either be in the north tunnel or the fusebox tunnel in the northwest of the map. 


Generated-Powered Road Exit

The road exit consists of electrified grates on the ground powered by a generator nearby. The placement of the generator is fairly intuitive: an attached yellow wire on the ground will lead you to it.


Pressure Valve Gate

The pressure valve gate is in the north of the map. The control for this exit will either be just to the left of it or on the other side of the house in the driveway area. 

As a victim, you’ll need to track down the missing attachment to operate the pressure valve gate. This will either be by the barn, or upstairs in the luggage room or the bathroom. 

There are also two other maps in Texas Chainsaw Massacre that are worth getting familiar with.  Take a look at our exit location guides for the Slaughterhouse and the Gas Station.