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Texas Chain Saw Massacre: How To Play The Hitchhiker

Here's our tips and tricks for playing The Hitchhiker in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
Texas Chain Saw Massacre: How To Play The Hitchhiker
(Picture: Gun Media)

The Hitchhiker in TCSM relies on his trapping ability to take down victims and score a win for the Slaughter Family. Making use of this ability requires understanding The Hitchhiker's strengths and weaknesses that come from his power.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the best strategies for playing The Hitchhiker in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Hitchhiker's Ability In Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The Hitchhiker can trap Victims around the map using his Trap ability, allowing him to find Victims' locations around the map after they step in them.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre: How To Play Hitchhiker

Those are all of our favorite tips and tricks for playing The Hitchhiker in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. As a trapping killer, he's a great choice for those who enjoy the more strategic side of gameplay.

Use Traps Wisely

The Hitchhiker starts out with only three traps, so you'll need to use them wisely if you want to use them to prevent survivors from escaping. The best way to place them is to think like a Victim; where will victims run if they're trying to get away from you? It may also be a great idea to put traps in front of entryways and exits.

Utilize Your Endurance

While The Hitchhiker does not dish out extremely powerful attacks one by one, he's a fast attacker, so he can use his endurance to knock down survivors using multiple fast swipes. Use this to your advantage when approaching survivors, and don't expect to take them down in one swift hit; instead, do your best to keep up with them and continue with your attacks. 

Tell Teammates Trap Locations

When placing a trap, be sure to tell the other Slaughter family members where it is. This way, they can effectively chase survivors to ensure that they step into your traps. Winning as a Slaughter family member or as a Victim in TCSM requires teamwork no matter what character you're playing, but it's especially important when playing a trapper like The Hitchhiker.

Chase Survivors Toward Traps

If you don't choose to place all of your traps near exits, you can attempt to chase survivors toward your own traps to gain the advantages that come with this. This is why it's so important to place them wisely; if you aren't able to herd Victims into your traps, placing them is in vain.

That's how to play The Hitchhiker in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. He's a trapper Slaughter family member, so while he's great at strategically taking down Victims, he can use teammates' help