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Why Is Adin Ross Famous?

Have you ever wondered why Adin Ross is so famous? How did this happen?! Find out right here!
Why Is Adin Ross Famous?
Twitch / Adin Ross

Adin Ross is a monumentally renowned internet sensation with connections to multiple big-time influencers and rappers! But what made Adin Ross so famous in the first place? That's a great question—and one that we will answer in detail in this guide!

Another good question would be: Who is Adin Ross? We will get around to all of these great questions right here so that you know the whole story! That said, let's not delay any further and get right into the nitty-gritty.

 How Did Adin Ross Become So Famous?

adin ross and chief keef twitch
Adin Ross Performs LIVE With CHIEF KEEF.

Adin Ross' Early Streaming Career

Adin Ross started his streaming journey by playing NBA 2K. It was here that he first developed a loyal following, playing for the AE clan while his following slowly grew. As time went on, he began to play online with Bronny—son of superstar Lebron James, which boosted his viewer count and following greatly! 

Speaking of which, Adin Ross even had a viral call with Lebron James himself, which (naturally) helped to push his streaming figures up even further. After this, Adin started playing fewer games and streaming more with other minor celebrities to accelerate his internet stardom even further.

why is adin ross so famous
Adin Ross speaks to Lebron James on stream.

Adin Ross' More Recent Collabs

After this, Adin Ross began to diversify his streams more by doing E-dates, which got a lot of attention. He also occasionally started playing GTA V Online. He played on T-grizzly's RP server, which led to some insanely funny encounters!

The E-dates were also very popular and allowed Adin Ross to bring on a variety of guests, such as multiple members of Faze Clan and internet star RiceGum. Adin Ross started to lean more into this type of content with fewer and fewer gaming streams.

Why Was Adin Ross Banned On Twitch?

adin ross twitch ban
Adin Ross talks about his ban on Twitch.

Despite Adin Ross's surge in fame, his journey on Twitch hit a stumbling block due to multiple bans. These ranged from showing "unmoderated hateful conduct" in chat, which included antisemitic and racist messages, to other infractions like using a homophobic slur on another streamer's broadcast. 

Association With Andrew Tate

In Adin Ross's initial stream after his permanent ban on Twitch, he insinuated that the Amazon-owned streaming giant was targeting him for his beliefs and associations at the time. One of the people that he was regularly associated with at the time was none other than Andrew Tate.

Specifically, he had brought Andrew Tate (the most Googled man on the planet then) onto multiple streams that garnered record-high numbers. During these streams, Andrew interacts with different guests throughout, sometimes inviting controversy for both himself and Adin Ross (including claims of misogyny and sexism). 

adin ross andrew tate
Adin Ross speaks to Andrew Tate on stream before his Twitch perma-ban.

Adin Ross Moves To Kick

Adin Ross has since moved to the streaming platform Kick, where he has been highly successful, and he has recruited more people to join the platform as well. He has also revealed that he has a substantial stake in Kick and wants more people to move to the platform!

He has also now revealed on a podcast (that you can watch below) that the reason Twitch banned him was because he had his Kick chat visible on his Twitch stream. Allegedly, since the Kick chat was un-moderated, he got permanently banned. Regardless, Adin continues to thrive and grow in popularity.