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Aguero blames streaming for missing two sitters against Arsenal: "That happened thanks to those three months where I was only sitting on this chair!"

The striker played roughly 15 minutes in the 3-0 victory, failing to score despite having a couple of clear cut chances.
Vacation time's over for streaming sensation Sergio "Kun" Aguero. With the return of the Premier League, the Man City striker went back to his "9-to-5", however, if you think the return to the football pitch was going to slow down his burgeoning Twitch career, think again.

A day after Manchester City handily gave Arsenal a 3-0 defeat following the League's hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Aguero went right back to streaming, analysing his 15-minute cameo alongside his viewers.

During his time on the pitch, Aguero, who came in as a substitute when the Citizens were up 2-0, had two big moments to add his name to the scoresheet.

First, he failed to capitalize on a one-on-one situation against Arsenal's goalkeeper, Bernd Leno, with his shot striking the post thanks to a great save from the German. The loose ball would end up on Phil Foden's feet to put Man City up 3-0.

"It hit the post, eh? Goddammit, can't believe the goal I missed, f**k me," he said of his chance. Quickly changing the mood, Aguero decided to look at the bright side of things, noting that the third goal came following his miss.


Aguero Man City analyses his goals vs Arsenal on stream Twitch
(Picture: Twitch.tv/Slakun10)


"Hey, at least it hit the post and the goal came right after. I told Phil (Foden) that's a big assist, completely laughing."

That wasn't the only miss the 32-year-old had in the match. Having a clear shot at the target, Aguero couldn't even direct his strike near the net, recounting he "hit it so bad!"

"That happened thanks to those three months where I was only sitting on this chair," Sergio cheekily added referring to his new-born career as a streamer. Moments later, a viewer demanded further explanation into how the Argentinian missed such a sitter.

"What do you want me to say!? I missed! I wanted to strike the ball hard aiming for the first post and it didn't go in. That's it."

Finally, Man City's record-breaking goalscorer claimed to be happy there were no fans in attendance to scold him. "Luckily we played without a crowd and we were winning, and no one gave me s**t for it. Sometimes when you miss you hear the crowd's mumbles. If the score would've been nil-nil, maybe a teammate would have berated me, for sure."



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