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Alinity shares pet chicken story that will make you cringe

Natalia Alinity Mogollon has shared a horrifying story about a pet chicken from her childhood in a stream with Mizkif.
Alinity shares pet chicken story that will make you cringe

Twitch megastar, Natalia "Alinity" Mogollon, has had her fair share of controversy, and definitely didn't have an easy time of late due to bullying. It turns out, Alinity also had some rough experiences with pets in her childhood. In a Twitch stream with Mizkif, Alinity shared a disturbing story about a pet chicken when she was young.


Alinity shares pet chicken story

Alinity grew up in Columbia before later moving to Canada. While she was still a child, Alinity had some traumatic experiences with pets. Speaking to Mizkif in a recent stream, Alinity shared a pet chicken story that can make you cringe.

To be clear, this wasn't Alinity's fault at all, so put those pitchforks away. First off, Alinity briefly revealed how her dog killed her bunny when she was young. However, this wasn't close to the most traumatic pet story the Twitch star had to share.


Alinity shares pet chicken story pets mizkif
(Picture: Mizkif Twitch)


As you can see from the image above, Mizkif was left stunned by the story, so here we go. When Alinity was eight years old, a school trip brought her to a chicken farm in Columbia.


While the kids were all there, the farm handed them chickens which they could keep. However, her parents were against the idea. Alinity took one home anyway.

Alinity explained how the little chicken was "super cute". However, the Twitch streamer's parents, at the time, told her the chicken found a new family, and at the age of eight, Alinity believed them.

Fast-forward six years and Alinity finally questioned her parents' explanation of what happened to her pet chicken. She asked her mom what happened to the chicken, to which her mom responded: "Oh, we cooked him, and you ate him."

After this disturbing end to her story, both Alinity and Mizkif went silent for a bit, and Mizkif was clearly left stunned.

Disclaimer: No pet chickens were eaten during the writing of this article.