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Amouranth roasts Keemstar as the hero misogynists and losers deserve

Twitch star Amouranth roasted Drama Alert host Keemstar amid criticism over her "moronic" April Fools' pregnancy joke.
Amouranth roasts Keemstar as the hero misogynists and losers deserve

Twitch megastar Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa is among the most popular female content creators on the platform. While fellow streamer Imane "Pokimane" Anys recently celebrated her 9 million follower milestone on Twitch, Amouranth takes the lead in being the most-watched streamer, garnering 38.3 million hours watched last year.

Although Amouranth is most famous for her sexually alluring hot tub and ASMR streams, a more recent live stream on 1st April was not universally well-received after Amouranth jokingly announced that she had fallen pregnant.

One Twitter user, vFightMacFight, lambasted Amouranth for her "moronic" April Fools' joke, suggesting that she shouldn't joke about subject matter that many women deal with; that is, fertility issues. This was not after the user called on YouTube star and Drama Alert host Keemstar for commentary.

amouranth backlash pregnancy april fools joke
Twitter users slammed Amouranth for her "stupid" and "moronic" April Fools' pregnancy joke. (Picture: Twitter / vFightMacFight)

However, in her response to the critic, Amouranth hit back with a savage swipe at Keemstar, potentially sparking a heated back-and-forth with the Drama Alert star.

Amouranth slams Keemstar amid backlash for pregnancy joke

In a 6th April Twitter thread, Amouranth wrote, "Imagine an alternate universe where instead of Batman, we have Keemstar." The Twitch star continued, "Whenever some injustice (inconsequential drama) goes unanswered, the citizens of Twitter shine a bright Dramalert logo adorned search light into the night."

"Thusly summoned Keemstar uselessly makes a video about the subject and throws loaves of bread at denizens of Gotham. Satiated by the superficial appeasements of bread and circuses, everyone goes back to their dreary lives unit the next video," Amouranth added before roasting Keemstar, "Because he's the hero misogynists [and] losers deserve, but not the one it needs ever."

amouranth roasts keemstar drama alert pregnancy april fools joke
Amouranth did Batman dirty in her savage jab at YouTube star Keemstar. (Picture: Twitch / Amouranth)

Noteworthy, Keemstar has not responded to Amouranth's savage criticism of him. If I know anything about Keem, it's that he absolutely will amid a desperate attempt to remain relevant.

Otherwise, users' comments on Amouranth's thread seem to support her. Most people find no qualms with Amouranth's April Fools' gag; however, some users that are perhaps more sensitive than the majority still aren't too impressed.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / Amouranth and Twitter / Keemstar.