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Amouranth To Host Mr. & Ms. Metaverse Beauty Pageant With Alpharad

Twitch superstar Amouranth is co-hosting the first-ever "Mr. & Ms. Metaverse" beauty pageant with Jacob Alpharad in Los Angeles, CA.
Amouranth To Host Mr. & Ms. Metaverse Beauty Pageant With Alpharad

On 29th September 2022, Twitch streamer and OnlyFans model Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa announced that she would be cohosting a spinoff of the Mr. & Miss Universe pageant in the hopes of finding "the most talented creator" on the internet.

Hosted alongside popular YouTuber Jacob Alpharad, the 18+ Mr. & Ms. Metaverse beauty pageant will kick off on 4th December 2022 in California and is expected to feature the hottest Twitch and YouTube creators. This latest announcement comes after Amouranth revealed her new Egirl Hotline segment on Twitch.

Amouranth Hosts Mr. & Ms. Universe Pageant Spinoff

twitch amouranth miss metaverse beauty pageant
Amouranth is cohosting a beauty pageant for creators with YouTuber Alpharad. (Picture: Metaverse Pageant LA)

Per a Quote Tweet on 29th September 2022 via Amouranth's personal Twitter account, she will be cohosting the Mr. & Ms. Metaverse pageant with YouTube creator Jacob Alpharad on 4th December 2022.

The event will be hosted at The Novo in Los Angeles, California, in the hopes of "finding the most talented creator across the metaverse." Tickets to attend the exclusive adults-only Mr. & Miss Metaverse event goes live starting 30th September at 10 a.m. PST.

There is a VIP program; however, details regarding the special package were unavailable at the time of writing.

Similarly, it is unclear how many tickets will be made available for purchase or which online creators will participate, but it makes sense to expect various popular Twitch or YouTube streamers and content creators.

Amouranth clarified in a series of follow-up Tweets that despite the event being branded as Mr. & Ms. "Metaverse," the term was used "sardonically."

Furthermore, the Twitch star added that "there is no zero connotation [or] tie in or angle involving crypto, or Facebook [Meta Platforms, Inc.]"; this was echoed by Alpharad on Twitter, noting that "metaverse" refers to "internet" and not "Facebook or crypto."

amouranth mr miss metaverse pageant los angeles
Mr. & Ms. Metaverse is expected to feature several notable internet icons. (Picture: YouTube / Amouranth)

Amouranth continued by explaining that the runner-up names for Mr. or Miss "internet, influencer, social media, Twitch, YouTube, etc." were "too cliche sounding or not broad enough."

As a result, Amouranth said they settled on the term metaverse "as a portmanteau of 'Universe' and 'Meta' [...] The word is also something of a Rorschach test."

Amouranth's Mr. & Ms. Metaverse beauty pageant is likely to be another hit success for the Twitch star, drawing the attention of thousands of fans.

We'll endeavor to keep you updated regarding any further information.

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Featured image courtesy of Metaverse Pageant LA.