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Arcadum dropped from talent agency after sexual misconduct allegations

Dungeons and Dragons Twitch streamer, Jeremy "Arcadum" Black, has been accused of sexual harassment, abuse, and manipulation by multiple women.
Arcadum dropped from talent agency after sexual misconduct allegations

Twitch streamer Devin Nash has revealed that his talent agency, Novo, is no longer representing Jeremy "Arcadum" Black, following the accusations levelled against Arcadum on 31st August 2021.

Arcadum has been accused by several women from the D&D streaming community, including Folkana, Uzuri Mia, Momo, and RediculousStreams.

Momo was the first one to publicly raise attention to these issues, by posting a TwitLonger post where she has revealed "unsurfaced trauma" of her and "10+ other women."

Momo has revealed all the details from their troubled friendship, claiming that he was constantly manipulating her and "would prey on my doubt."

Soon after, Folkona, another former friend and Twitch streamer, revealed her story of alleged sexual assault, which has been followed by more women stepping out and sharing their experiences.

Talent agency drops Arcadum following sexual abuse allegations

Devin Nash Arcadum sexual misconduct allegations
Devin Nash is a founder of the talent agency Novo. (Picture: Devin Nash)

Twitch stream and YouTuber, Devin Nash, who is also CMO of Novo talent and creative agency, which was representing Arcadum, announced that the agency has terminated their contract with him upon hearing the stories from the women.

"He was not remotely truthful with our agency and reported a vastly different situation than these women collaborated," Nash revealed. "On the morning of 8/30, based on the knowledge he had given us prior to the women coming out, we offered to fund a 3rd party investigation to discern the truth of his initial claim. Needless to say now, that investigation is no longer required."

Nash says that he loves Dungeons and Dragons and that it was an honour for him to represent Arcadum for all he has done for the D&D community, but the recent events have revealed a darker side of the streamer.

"As a roleplayer in multiple games of his, a leader in Callous Row, and as an agent supporting his business, I am beyond betrayed and disappointed," Nash stated his personal view on the situation.

Devin Nash Arcadum sexual misconduct allegations
Nash wants to make sure that Arcadum is completely removed from the industry as he is "tired of having to see tweets from women suffering this kind of abuse with no recourse." (Picture: Arcadum)

The contract termination is effective immediately, with Nash revealing that it will cost the agency "$20,000 in merchandise inventory and multiple business deals in circulation."

Nash states that people like Arcadum have no place in the industry, and wants to leverage his position to show that "actions can and should have consequences."

Aside from the termination of the contract, Nash will advocates for other business partners of Arcadum to do the same as soon as possible, as he wants the message to be loud and clear: "I started Novo to stand against predatory ethical practices in this industry."

At the time of writing this article, Arcadum is yet to address the accusations, stating that he will talk about them during a stream on 1st September. 

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