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Ex Fortnite Pro Chap Slams Twitch For Allegedly Taking Their Money

Twitch streamer Ryan "Chap" Chaplo claims that Twitch has falsely flagged their account for "fraudulent activity" and withheld their earnings.
Ex Fortnite Pro Chap Slams Twitch For Allegedly Taking Their Money

Twitch streamer Ryan "Chap" Chaplo has made some pretty bold claims that the Amazon-owned platform has flagged their account for "fraudulent activity" but didn't thoroughly explain the cause, further suggesting that it was falsely marked without proper investigation or the result of automated flagging.

On 14th November 2022, Chap posted a Twitlonger with alleged proof that Twitch had flagged their account for "fraudulent activity" but had provided no information at all regarding the case, despite it being thoroughly "investigated" by the team at the Amazon-owned company. This flagging caused Chap to be removed from Twitch's ad program, costing them thousands of dollars in revenue lost. 

twitch streamer chap acccount flagged fraudulent activity
Twitch streamer Chap's account was flagged for "fraudulent activity." (Picture: Team Liquid)

The Twitlonger revealed that a spokesperson for Twitch reached out to Chap, stating that their account was put "on hold for receiving fraudulent revenue." In addition, the spokesperson confirmed that the flagging wasn't automated by a robot that supposedly mistakenly marked Chap's account. Instead, it resulted from an investigation by Twitch's team responsible for identifying fraudulent activity. 

That said, this spokesperson only stated the action dealt unto Chap's Twitch account, but not the entire reason it had happened. Despite Chap requesting an investigation, the Twitch streamer wasn't provided with any more information about the flagging except what had already been known.

Chap stated that Twitch "took around a large amount from [their] pending balance" and "refused to elaborate" on what the streamer did to have caused the flagging to occur. In addition, Twitch requested Chap to "appeal" the flagging, despite not even knowing what the streamer was accused of doing. 

The Twitch streamer stated, "this is absolutely ridiculous to do to anyone, especially someone who has streamed on your website for four years with zero issues, bans, or anything." Chap continued, "the only thing I am able to do is to make the assumption that Twitch is claiming that I view botted my channel during drops to make more money off of ads."

"This is an absolutely ridiculous claim to make against someone like me who willingly left the game where I easily got 1,000-3,000 viewers to play things I like with 10-30% of that viewer count. I feel betrayed, I feel helpless, and I am not sure what to do other than to go public with this and try to make it so this never happens to anyone ever again," Chap concluded.

That said, Chap revealed that the streamer would be disputing the "fraudulent activity" flagging, hoping to know more about why their account was supposedly marked wrongly. As of current writing, Twitch hasn't released an official statement. We'll update this article duly if anything does happen.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitch and Team Liquid.