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Clint Stevens call out "weak" Twitch streamers for gambling sponsorships

The 27-year-old gave his opinion on one of Twitch’s hottest new trends -- gambling.
Clint Stevens call out "weak" Twitch streamers for gambling sponsorships

While Twitch’s hot tub and ASMR trends took up the spotlight, a potentially more dangerous trend has been growing in popularity with many streamers receiving sponsorships to broadcast themselves gambling on online slot machines, and it is becoming a growing concern in the Twitch community, with some content creators like Asmongold openly against Twitch’s lack of action towards it. 

Clint Stevens is now one of the newest streamers to call out Twitch’s “gambling meta.” But rather than going at Twitch, Stevens has instead called out other streamers for accepting the sponsorships in the first place.

“I dont think its that hard not to accept a sponsorship. Trying to deflect onto twitch is weak imo,” Stevens said in a tweet.

He added: “Gfuels led-laced dust is one thing, but i mean cmon, are we gonna be throwing babies out windows if twitch allowed it?” While quite an outlandish comparison to make, it still brings up a solid point, how far are streamers willing to go before Twitch steps in and stops them?

Stevens’ comments on the trend bring up another important question, is this issue the fault of the streamers for accepting the sponsorships and pushing the boundary of what's allowed on Twitch, or is it on Twitch itself for not stepping in?

asmongold and clint stevens against twitch gambling
(Picture: Asmongold)

With more and more streamers giving their opinions on gambling every day, the pressure is surely building for Twitch to take action or at least release a statement on the matter. Twitch has already created categories for Slots and Poker in the past, but it seems in the eyes of some, that isn’t enough to solve the problem.