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Cloazky reveals COVID-19 diagnosis

The Twitch streamer has worried fans due to his recent inconsistent schedule, finally sharing that he's been dealing with COVID for the past few days.
Former FaZe Clan icon Dennis "Cloakzy" Lepore has revealed he's recently been diagnosed with COVID-19, after several days of mild symptoms that prevented him from streaming. 

"Tested positive for COVID-19, symptoms all gone other than a hard time breathing but had a 103 fever all last week. Can’t catch a break but we’re feeling way better now. Streams resume shortly," Lepore tweeted out this past 17th March.

Cloakzy had previously mentioned on 12th March that a "crazy fever" had impacted his ability to stream, managing to broadcast only three times over the last eight days.

cloakzy covid 19
(Picture: FaZe Clan)

Cloakzy, who recently parted ways with FaZe after years of legal dispute, will now set sights on having a speedy recovery so he can go back to what he does best -- click heads and making TimTheTatman angry.

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