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Destiny rants about "confusing" Twitch TOS amid DMCA crackdown

Political commentator Steven "Destiny" Bonnell ranted about Twitch's terms of service, touching on the controversial "cracker" drama and recent TV show meta crackdown.
Destiny rants about "confusing" Twitch TOS amid DMCA crackdown

Twitch streamer and political commentator Steven "Destiny" Bonnell has slammed Twitch for its "confusing" Terms of Service (TOS) and inconsistent ruling practices. In a lengthy rant, Destiny addressed the now-notorious "TV show" meta and subsequent DMCA crackdown, which recently earned fellow Twitch stars Jeremy "DisguisedToast" Wang and Imane "Pokimane" Anys bans from the platform.

Destiny slams Twitch for inconsistent use of its TOS

During a 12th January live stream, Destiny criticised Twitch, calling the Amazon-owned streaming service "one of the hardest to understand companies in the f**king world when it comes to the TOS."

destiny rants about twitch confusing terms of service
Destiny criticised Twitch in a long rant about its "confusing" TOS. (Picture: Twitch / Destiny)

Destiny continued, saying, "The fact that there are multiple premium partners that are streaming obviously copyright-infringing content on the front f**king page of this f**king website for days at a time should show you how f**king confusing the TOS is on this site."

Of course, Destiny referred to the recent TV show meta, which saw popular streamers like Felix "xQc" Lengyel stream Master Chef on Twitch. Destiny also touched on the "cracker controversy," which previously sparked a heated debate on social media.

"The fact that we just went through two weeks of people not knowing if you can talk about a saltine cracker without getting banned should show you that this website is completely f**king inconsistent when it comes to which rules [it applies]."

Later in his rant, Destiny said he doesn't want to sound nepotistic but stated that he knows he will get banned if he crosses the line and does "dumb sh*t."

DisguisedToast was reportedly hit with a month-long ban for streaming anime on Twitch
DisguisedToast was reportedly hit with a month-long ban for streaming anime on Twitch. (Picture: Twitch / DisguisedToast)

"So, I know where the line is, and I won't cross it. But this garbage a** f**king website doesn't give you that information at all [...] I'm not getting banned on YouTube all the f**king time," Destiny concluded.

Destiny certainly isn't alone in feeling this way, following a slew of comments supporting his sentiment on Reddit. One post, which received more than 750 upvotes, had no chill and openly criticised Twitch's double standards and "pepega" TOS.

While most Twitch users resonate with Destiny, some suspect that DMCA has "very little to do with [the Twitch] TOS." Instead, the users believe that Twitch lets the content handlers deal with copyright infringement cases.

Indeed, this seems believable given how some streamer's don't receive DMCA claims despite broadcasting copyrighted content. However, on the other hand, other Twitch users maintain the opinion that Twitch favours those streamers. 

But, we'll leave it up to you to decide which you would instead choose to believe.


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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / Destiny.