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Devin Nash threatened with violence during IRL stream

Popular Twitch streamers ImJasmine and Devin Nash experienced a very unpleasant incident during one of their IRL streaming sessions.
Devin Nash threatened with violence during IRL stream
The popularity of streaming "in-real-life" has been on the rise over the last couple of years.

People like to simply "go out there" and have fun outside while sharing their experiences with the audience.

Unfortunately, while this can be exciting and has a lot of potential for interesting situations, it also comes with a lot of unpredictability and potential danger, especially because people can react really weirdly once they see that someone is filming.

Popular streamers Devin Nash and ImJasmine have unfortunately experienced the negative side of this first-handed during one of the recent IRL streams.

They were having a nice evening walk while streaming and at one point, seemingly out of nowhere, a group of random strangers approached them and started yelling and threatening.

It seems that the group wasn't provoked in any way and simply started threatening and insulting the pair for no reason while using racial slurs for ImJasmine.

“Delete it or I’ll break everything,” one of the strangers said. “Delete it. If I don’t see it, you get beat up man, because I can’t beat her. Delete it.”

ImJasmine and Devin Nash threatened
The strangers were insulting ImJasmine and threatening to beat Devin Nash (Picture: Devin Nash)

They were talking about COVID-19 and asking ImJasmine "what are you doing here?"

Fortunately, other people were a bit less aggressive and at one point started defusing the situation and even asking them not to delete the video.

In the end, although a highly uncomfortable situation for both ImJasmine and Devin Nash, everything ended without any violence and the group has left the pair alone.

It seems that ImJasmine wasn't particularly stressed about the whole incident, calling it “just another day on the job” for her, although she admitted that she was “scared by what had happened".

Over the last year, violence and hate speech against Asians has been on the rise, particularly in the US and in connection with COVID-19 and false racist claims that the Asians are to blame for that.