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Dota 2 viewership drops from last week, League of Legends looking up

Each week, Zestats provide Ginx with some of the most in-depth Twitch viewership statistics based on the games being played and the streamers being watched, and we collate the most interesting points right here for you to peruse. This week, we see some interesting statistics and unexpected numbers in both categories.

The streamers

Twitch streamers

For the 17th week in a row, Ninja tops the streamer charts whilst for the fifth consecutive week Shroud sits in second place – these don't look like changing any time soon. Sodapoppin rounds out the top three, making the podium for the first time in five weeks with his Overwatch streams. Rounding out the rest of the top ten is a mix of the usual eclectic faces; Dakotaz, Lirik, Myth, Imaqtpie, DrLupo, Summit and Timthetatman keep up appearances amongst the streaming elite. It is interesting to note that Ninja had nearly 2m less hours watched than the previous week, likely due to the fact that he streamed for 20 hours less. Despite this, he still tops the table by a landslide, with Shroud's numbers also decreased from last week. Last week, I wrote a (mostly-in-jest) piece ranking the top Fortnite streamers based on viewership, hours streamed, ability and entertainment value. Five of the top seven are in Zestats' list, and mostly in the same order. This, however, is not intended to be a brag (although it kind of is), but testament to how much viewership and hours streamed impacts a streamer's worth to viewers. Clearly, players that put in a lot of time and work are more likely to pick up a strong fanbase, whilst also suggesting that once the viewers start coming in, it just increases over time.

The games

Top Twitch games

Shock-horror, Fortnite tops the list. I don't think the great people at Zestats even need to tell us that. However, it is interesting to see that hours watched are down by almost 9 million hours from last week across the top five games. This may be due to the lower games taking on a bigger share of the viewership, or that viewers simply weren't interested in tuning in as much over the last week. The most notable game here, however, is Dota 2. With the ESL One Birmingham Major, the UK's first ever Dota 2 Major, I expected to see a much more impressive viewership count for the game. Instead, with 6.97m hours watched, we actually see a 1.2m decrease from the week prior. Although the Major was streamed on Facebook – and reached an impressive 7.6m viewers on that platform – I would have liked to see this translate to viewership of streamers on Twitch – however, we may see that in the days following the Major as people seek out more Dota 2 content. Make sure to check back next week to see what changes in the world of Twitch - might we finally see Ninja lose his place as the face of Twitch? A new game in the top five, maybe? Who knows, but be sure to check on Zestats for more detailed statistics.