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Former CS:GO pro JASONR hits back at sexism claims in Twitch stream

Jason "JasonR" Ruchelski got into a heated argument with former CS:GO star Tarik in an attempt to defend himself against sexism allegations. It didn't go well.
Former CS:GO pro JASONR hits back at sexism claims in Twitch stream

Accusations made against former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) player Jason "JasonR" Ruchelski have reemerged following a heated argument on Twitch between him and another former pro player Tarik "tarik" Celik.

Accordingly, Ruchelski has been accused of sexism towards women during Twitch livestreams and in-game lobbies. The allegations date back to when Ruchelski was an active player in the CS:GO competitive scene. Despite this, Ruchelski has proactively attempted to clear his name; however, it has done more harm than good.

JasonR and Tarik have heated debate during Twitch stream

On 26th March, Celik got into a heated argument with Ruchelski during a Valorant livestream on Twitch. According to Celik, Ruchelski wasn't defending his name over the mounting sexism allegations against him made by female players and streamers.

Ruchelski accosted Celik, stating that he' was "supposed to be a friend" in response to the sexist claims, which he retorted that he disagrees with the comment, saying "there's no friendship about it."

Followingly, Ruchelski said he had played Valorant with women, including his wife, on stream, pointing to his Twitch VODs as evidence; however, he added that he would not look for them.

While Celik told Ruchelski that he's not speaking ill of the former CS:GO pro, he elaborated how the situation has invariably painted him negatively. "You should 100% defend your name and your matter. If you don't agree with it, then defend it", Celik explained to Ruchelski.

jasonr tarik twitch drama valorant livestream sexism claims misogyny
Former CS:GO pros, JasonR and Tarik got into an intense argument over JasonR's sexism claims during a Valorant livestream. (Picture: Twitch / Tarik)

"This isn't me trying to queue with you. You're trying to paint this picture," Ruchelski exclaimed at Celik before stating that he doesn't give a "f**k" as he just wants to play with him.

History of JasonR's sexism claims explained

A timeline of sexism allegations against Ruchelski started surfacing when professional Valorant players Vanessa "panini" Emory and Annie "Annie" Roberts accused him of muting women during games. Emory publicly alluded to the former CS:GO player in a tweet, saying, "When are we gonna talk about that one big streamer that mutes every girl in his ranked games?"

vanessa panini emory valorant player shopify rebellion jasonr sexism allegations
Valorant pro, Vanessa "panini" Emory alluded to JasonR's sexist behaviour on social media in February 2022. (Picture: Twitter / qtpanini)

She later addressed her claims in a follow-up tweet, stating that not only does Ruchelski mute women on his team, but if they don't talk, he dodges them or drops out of games entirely by "pretending [that] his internet goes out".

Benita "bENITA" Novshadian, a Valorant player, commented on Emory's tweet, writing that Ruchelski would mute her voice during streams before claiming that he didn't hear her. She later revealed that he has been muting women on stream since his CS:GO days.

Roberts came forward supporting Emory's claims, tweeting that Ruchelski indeed gaslights women on stream, citing that more than 50 women can attest to this behaviour. She continued, saying that he's "manipulating his audience" and that "his right to mute/dodge/throw women's games" is "rough".

Ruchelski has responded to the claims made against him multiple times, citing technical problems as one of the reasons why he can't hear voice chats.

Unfortunately, he tried to double down on his comments adding, "My internet crashed. My stream crashed. I didn't hear anybody in this f**king server that I apparently f**king crashed because there was a f**king b*tch in it."

annie robers valorant pro player cloud9 white jasonr sexism allegations twitter
Cloud9's Valorant pro, Annie Roberts, confirmed the allegations made against JasonR on social media. (Picture: Twitter / Annie_Dro)

Furthermore, he stated that he doesn't "support misogyny" or "sexism", especially those who are "rude" to his wife "for absolutely no reason". While this contradicts his previous comments regarding the allegations against him, this type of behaviour has become more prevalent on Twitch.

The platform may already be hard for women to break into and find some success on without the constant sexism and harassment they experience. Ruchelski has yet to address his recent comments; this reignites the conversation of how safe women are on Twitch and how this behaviour is normalised on the platform.

We will endeavour to update you regarding any further developments.


Featured image courtesy of HLTV and YouTube / Holk CSGO.