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Is Amouranth Quitting OnlyFans?

Twitch star Amouranth says she will "pivot" away from OF and focus on more mainstream content across her platforms.
Is Amouranth Quitting OnlyFans?

Twitch streaming icon and Onlyf*ns (OF) model Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa has always been transparent about who she is as a creator and the direction of her online content. However, in her latest interview with Tuan Nguyen for ThePineapple, the business mogul revealed she would be stepping back from OF in the future. But does that mean she's quitting OF for good?

TL;DR: Amouranth isn't leaving OF. However, it appears she will be stepping away from the platform to focus on more mainstream content. At the same time, she will still be posting backlogged content on her OF, but she wants to focus on doing other things like her new Real Work company and Twitch.

Amouranth Clarifies Plans To Quit Adult Content On OnlyFans 

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Amouranth is a Twitch streamer. (Picture: YouTube / Amouranth)

During the 20th July 2022 interview, Amouranth was asked intimate questions about her family, profession, and day-to-day habits. Only one of the more intriguing notions was Amouranth stated she would be officially dialing down her content and taking a break from being an adult entertainer to pursue more mainstream content.

Accordingly, Amouranth explained her decisions and reasons for joining OF as a content creator in the first place, saying it was primarily business-related and seemed like a good idea, especially during the platform's rapid rise to popularity.

"It was just a very sterile numbers-driven thing. I looked at the growth OnlyF*ns was experiencing and realized the Total Addressable Market and the mindshare the platform had was second to none in the crowd-funding/content monetization space,”  she said.

Indeed, some would agree in Amouranth’s favor that her decision to join OF was pretty clever. And considering the streamer made over $33.7 million in gross revenue earnings, it’s presumably paid off well enough. But, to a degree, Amouranth expressed her conflicting feeling between OF and holding hands with Twitch again after establishing a long-term business proposition.

Amouranth poses on Twitch stream.
Amouranth is an OF content creator. (Picture: YouTube / Amouranth)

Amouranth also spoke about how she thinks OF careers are shorter than non-OF careers. “I think people are not fully accounting for how much staying power there is on these new online platforms. It's the future of media. And maybe I'm underestimating the demand for M*LF or niche OF content,”  the Twitch star explained.

Amouranth also added that she made enough money not to face any financial constrictions or issues, and she can pursue a much more genuine career path around what she wants to do and achieve in life. 

Essentially, Amouranth’s idea was to prepare as much content possible for OF, so she could hold a backlog of videos and images to post on the platform without fussing about planning or creating content. As a result, she could pivot more easily to mainstream content.

“It's been a bit misreported, but stepping away from adult content meant I spent a large part of the last year filming a backlog, like a really huge backlog of content to release for a while to come.”

Whether Amouranth continues producing content on OF or focuses purely on Twitch, most fans would agree that she’s in an excellent spot to make those more significant life decisions disregarding which platform she chooses. But, ultimately, only time will tell when the bulk of her content-creating transition takes full form.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Amouranth.