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JustaMinx fears she earned Twitch ban after saying "simp" on stream

JustaMinx was banned for allegedly using “hateful slurs”, leaving fans of the wholesome streamer confused.
JustaMinx fears she earned Twitch ban after saying "simp" on stream

Twitch partner, JustaMinx, has been banned from the platform in what may be the first case of a streamer being sanctioned for using terms describing other "person's perceived sexual practices", such as "simp" and "virgin".

The ban was reported by Stream Bans on the 17th December and later confirmed by JustaMinx.

Justaminx ban(Picture: JustaMinx)

JustaMinx later revealed more details of the ban through her Twitter, quoting the reason for her ban was “hateful slurs” and promising to see her fans “in 7 days”.

Twitch’s turmoil regarding streamer bans has gotten ugly, whether through copyrighted music and DMCA strikes or punishing the use of words like “simp” or “virgin” as derogatory terms. JustaMinx comments that she thought the latter wasn’t in effect until January.

As one-third of the group “E-Girl Rejects” and host of her own show and popular section “Just Chatting”, JustaMinx has amassed more than 600,000 on Twitch and Twitter alike.

JustaMinx started streaming in 2018 and is a regular on titles like Among Us or Apex Legends. She gained a huge following after a clip of her stabbing a White Claw went viral in the summer of 2020.

While the ban is only for seven days, it seems Twitch is putting its foot down earlier than we thought, so if you are the chatty type of person, keep an eye out on your vocabulary online.

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