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Twitch Star JustaMinx Says She Was Roofied At LA Strip Club

Twitch streamer JustaMinx was allegedly roofied during a night out at a Los Angeles strip club.
Twitch Star JustaMinx Says She Was Roofied At LA Strip Club

On 13 December, Twitch streamer JustaMinx shared a disturbing story on Twitter. In a thread of tweets, the internet star explained how she had been followed by a "weirdo" during a night out at a Los Angeles strip club. The following morning, JustaMinx revealed that her drink was "spiked" with the date-r*pe drug Rohypnol (roofies) that night after waking up without any memory of the events that had transpired.

According to video footage uploaded to Twitter, an unidentified man approached JustaMinx and asked her to share an Uber ride, which she repeatedly rejected. Furthermore, this same individual was apparently incessant on riding with JustaMinx, resulting in the Twitch star becoming "paranoid [that] he'd follow [her] home." To make matters worse, the club's security attempted to kick her out despite her explaining that someone was following her, which they did not believe.

While JustaMinx eventually managed to get into her Uber ride, the "weirdo" later followed her and attempted to convince the driver that he was "with her." Fortunately, however, the man's plan had failed, with the driver eventually returning JustaMinx safely to her home.

The next morning, JustaMinx shared a Whatsapp conversation with her contact "Momma Bear" (presumably her mom) to her personal Twitter account, explaining that she may have been drugged. "I can't remember anything. I can't move. [I'm] going to [the] hospital at 6 if I still can't stand up properly." The Twitch streamer also noted that her knuckles were bruised, writing, "[I don't know] if I hit someone."

Expressing their concern, JustaMinx's (mom?) asked if she knew who roofied her. However, the Twitch star replied, "I wish I could remember. It was either [the guy who followed me] or the guy that bought me a drink that drugged me. JustaMinx added, "I only bought myself two drinks [...] then some dude got me a drink, and I don't remember sh*t."

At the time of writing, JustaMinx has not provided any updates regarding who may have drugged her. However, in a follow-up tweet, the Twitch streamer reassured fans that she was "in good care." We're otherwise glad to learn that JustaMinx is safe and that, despite her alleged drugging, she was not physically harmed.

We will endeavor to update you regarding any further developments concerning this story.