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JustaMinx's Twitch apology song nearly made my ears bleed

Twitch streamer JustaMinx made an ear-aching apology song in a desperate attempt to get an early unban from the streaming platform.
JustaMinx's Twitch apology song nearly made my ears bleed

Popular Twitch streamer JustaMinx is nearing the end of her 7-day suspension after using the derogatory slur "cracker" during a live stream on 8th February. This latest ban came merely days after she was banned for her "sexual" hot tub moment at the Envy content house earlier this month.

In a previous video, Minx explained that she was skating on thin ice after being warned by her Twitch representative that her next mishap would result in an indefinite suspension. While she has been laying low on YouTube, the troubled Twitch streamer decided to make an apology song in a seemingly desperate attempt to get an early unban.

JustaMinx sings an apology to Twitch for an early unban

In a video uploaded to YouTube on 12th February, Minx explained that she wanted to "send out an apology" and show people that she's learned her lesson and where she stands. However, it seems that Minx might actually be losing her mind (her words, not mine).

justaminx minx serenades apology song twitch
Minx tried to get an early unban by serenading an apology song to Twitch. (Picture: YouTube / Justa Minx)

"I feel like the best way I can do that is through song. So, I've taken the days off my ban to put together this piece. It's going to hopefully serenade Twitch to unban me or maybe appeal me earlier," Minx said.

Followingly, the 25-year-old began to rather poorly serenade an instrumental version of the song "You Don't Own Me," originally performed by Lesley Gore.

I sacrificed my ears listening to the song and transcribed the lyrics below so that you don't have to. You're welcome.

justaminx sings apology song twitch im sorry ban
"This is the most Minx way to apologise for cringe sh*t on Twitch." (Picture: YouTube / Justa Minx)

Justaminx - I'm Sorry Twitch (lyrics)


You can own me; I promise I won't make more noise. You can run me, and no, this ain't one of my little lies.


See, I know what I said, and now my channel is f*cking dead. Virgin, cracker, and simp too. I promise I will start anew.


Look, you can own me. Twitch, you're my only source of income. You can run me, yeah, I know what I did was dumb!


Yeah, I know what I said and now my channel is f*cking dead. Virgin, cracker, and simp too. I promise I will start anew.


But, in my f*cking defence, that ban just didn't make goddamn sense, so now I don't know what to do. Twitch, I, I, I'm promising you. I'm young!


Look, listen here, Twitch! I don't want to be the broke bitch! So, please give me one more chance; I promise I will make you rich-er. But, ugh, I'm gonna cry -- possibly die! But, listen, my heart's where it'll be. So, please, Twitch, just set me free!

[end verse]

Oh, I want to be young! I want to be free! So listen, Twitch, please f*cking unban me!


If you're feeling daring, you can listen to the song in the video embedded below.


Featured image courtesy of YouTube / JustaMinx