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Kaceytron harassed on Reddit following Bob7 and Destiny drama

Following some drama and allegations were thrown between Destiny and Bob7, Kaceytron is now being bombarded on Reddit by Destiny fans.
Kaceytron harassed on Reddit following Bob7 and Destiny drama

We recently reported on a whole convoluted mess between Destiny and Bob7, filled with allegations, several women, and even a 39-page manifesto from Bob7. As the fight continues to roar on, it appears Kaceytron is now eating the wrath of Destiny fans on Reddit.

Kaceytron claims harassment on Reddit

First up, Kaceytron was apparently one of the in the chat between Destiny and other women, discussing Bob7's alleged manipulation, and even leaking of nude photos.

In a clip from Bob7's long stream explaining his 39-page manifesto and his side of the story, Kaceytron jumped into the chat, saying Bob7's story is true, and how she would back up his claims.

Kaceytron reportedly explained: "On the voice call that I had with Boze and Peachachoo, Destiny was also listening in the background with Melina on Boze’s end and chimed in a couple of times as well.

I felt it was completely out of Destiny’s place to go public with this information to begin with. The other four girls were never made aware that it would be made public on Destiny’s stream and had to learn on /r/LiveStreamFails."

kaceytron destiny harassment twitch bob7 drama(Picture: Kaceytron)

While Kaceytron does think there are faults on Bob7's side too, it appears she sided with Bob7 over Destiny in the matter, and wanted the whole situation to be handled privately.

Now, according to Kaceytron, she is being harassed on Reddit, noting how Destiny fans are on a witch hunt and are using her post history to downvote and harass her.

kaceytron destiny harassment twitch bob7 drama(Picture: Twitter)

At the time of writing, threads such as this one continue to escalate, with no end in sight.


Destiny on Kaceytron's involvement

Destiny also responded to Kaceytron's involvement, basically saying she was never pulled into the group call, although she might have been pulled into the group chat.

Destiny further refuted Kaceytron's claims, asking how she could possibly know he was in the background of the infamous calls.

Destiny continued by explaining: "Why would you say that I was in the background of a lot of those calls, and then later say 'well I wasn't actually in that call, I misspoke.' You didn't, you misled, and got f&^king caught".

While the drama between Destiny and Bob7 continues, now with an added dose of Kaceytron, it is important to remember one simple thing: It is never okay to harass someone.