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Ludwig reaches 200k Twitch subs during subathon

The variety streamer became the second content creator to reach such a feat after Ninja surpassed 200k back in 2018.
Ludwig reaches 200k Twitch subs during subathon

Ludwig Aghren struck gold with his seemingly never-ending subathon, and has now reached an almost impossible feat that had only been accomplished by Tyler "Ninja" Blevins in the past -- 200,000 Twitch subscribers.

According to Twitch Tracker, Ludwig currently boasts 200,471 subs and counting, being the undisputed King of Twitch ever since he broke 100,000 subs.

ludwig 200k subs
(Picture: Twitch Tracker).

Will Ludwig beat Ninja's record?

According to Ninja in 2019, during the peak of his career, he reached a total of 269,000 Twitch subs.

While Ludwig has set up a subathon gift cap, with streamers like Dreamer getting banned for breaking it, fans have continuously pushed the stream far beyond what anyone had expected, with the timer going as low as three minutes before jumping back to 50.

With 22 days of subathon and counting, it doesn't seem the stream will end anytime soon, even if Ludwig hinted at it several times in the past.

Only time will tell if Ludwig's fans can push the former Melee pro player to a historic feat, dethroning what seems to be an impossible landmark for any sole content creator on Twitch.