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Mizkif, Ludwig, & Other Streamers Find Erobb's 30-Day Ban "Insane"

Twitch streamer Eric Lamont “Erobb221” Robbins Jr. was banned last week. The content creator revealed Twitch banned him for 30 days.
Mizkif, Ludwig, & Other Streamers Find Erobb's 30-Day Ban "Insane"

Twitch streamer Eric Lamont “Erobb221” Robbins Jr. was banned last week after calling out a toxic and rude chatter in his offline chatroom. The content creator allegedly got banned for saying he’d “knock” them out, despite the chatter stating some pretty vile comments. Initially, people weren’t sure why Erobb got banned, but he eventually confirmed it on Ali “Myth” Kabbani’s livestream during QTCinderella’s Twitch Shitcamp 2022 event.

A few days later, Erobb Tweeted that he’d received his ban statement from Twitch, stating he’d been prohibited from streaming for thirty days. The ban sparked controversy, and multiple streamers have called out Twitch for it.

Twitch Streamer Erobb Ruled "Insane" 30-Day Twitch Ban

erobb banned threatening rude chatter offline chat
Erobb was banned for "threatening" a rude chatter in his offline chat. (Picture: Instagram / Erobb)

On 12th September 2022, Erobb Tweeted he was banned for “threatening to beat up a viewer at TwitchCon.”

More specifically, a chatter was trash-talking the Twitch streamer in his offline chat and essentially stated that they “hoped” the streamer “would get banned during Shitcamp” and called him a “f*cking loser” and many more other vile insults.

The Twitch streamer found out and investigated the chat. After concluding the chatter was indeed toxic, Erobb stated, “I’m going right across your jaw. It’d be worth the ban. I promise you, If I ever see you, I’m knocking you out.” The streamer confirmed these statements to be the cause of his thirty-day ban.

Although “threatening” an individual and stating they’d get beaten up at TwitchCon isn’t the appropriate image for an online personality, it does spark concerns over Twitch’s unfair rulings after recent controversy.

In a response on Twitter, fellow streamer Matthew “Mizkif “ Rinaudo stated, “come on my stream randomly this month and get me banned we’ll go fishing.“ In that same post, another popular content creator, Ludwig Ahgren said the ban was “insane.”

Another widely-known streamer and member of the OTK content creation group, Nick "Lord Nmp" Polom, highlighted the inequality and unfairness of Twitch’s ban rulings. Many others have called out Twitch for the absurd prohibitions dished out to Erobb.

The outrage comes after Twitch banned a streamer called “kimmikka” for having s*x during a livestream for only seven days. Despite the platform being a place children and teens can access, Twitch hasn’t addressed the situation.

Because of this, another banned streamer and popular internet personality posted a YouTube video, amassing millions of views, calling out Twitch for having “favoritism” and “sexism.”

twitch streamer erobb twitch ban insane
Fellow Twitch streamers found Erobb's Twitch ban ruling "insane." (Picture: Instagram / Erobb)

On 26th August 2022, Jidon “JiDion” Adams, the YouTuber slammed Twitch for various reasons. He emboldened the notion that a female streamer could have coitus live on stream, potentially in front of thousands of minors, and only receive a week-long Twitch ban. In contrast, others receive longer or lifetime prohibitions for arguably less problematic violations.

Throughout the controversy, Twitch has yet to address any of these issues that its own community has called the platform out for, and Erobb remains banned for a month.

Will Twitch ever release a public statement, or will these raging remarks continue falling on deaf ears? It’s uncertain. For now, fans can tune in to Erobb on 9th October 2022 once he returns to Twitch.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitch and Instagram via Erobb.