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Mizkif reveals he "stole" $500 from Kaceytron after OTK Schooled cheating drama

In a recent Twitch stream, Mizkif revealed how he nearly scammed Kaceytron after the whole OTK Schooled cheating debacle, as he never sent the subs.
Mizkif reveals he "stole" $500 from Kaceytron after OTK Schooled cheating drama

There has been a lot of drama surrounding episode 3 of OTK Schooled, hosted by One True King member Mizkif on Twitch. Cheating accusations have been thrown around at Amouranth, amongst others, while the winner, Kaceytron, confessed to cheating, followed by Kaceytron copyright striking clips of her saying she didn't cheat during the OTK Schooled show. Mizkif then accused Kaceytron of trying to steal from him, as the first-place prize was 400 gifted subs, which came out of his pockets. However, there's something about the whole "stealing" situation you might not know, as Mizkif revealed how he almost scammed Kaceytron out of 0 USD.

Mizkif almost stole $500 from Kaceytron

To really get how funny this whole ordeal is, you should know that when Kaceytron admitted to cheating, she said: "I have apologized to him and refunded. "

About the OTK Schooled cheating drama on Twitch, Mizkif said: "It's so pathetic. You're stealing my money... you straight up are. I say every time it's my money and it is. You are taking my money because of greed and selfish reasons."

Mizkif stole scammed kaceytron OTK schooled twitch cheating drama(Picture: Mizkif)

Mizkif was, of course, talking about the 400 subs for the first-place prize. However, it turns out, Mizkif nearly stole $500 USD from Kaceytron because...well...he didn't actually send the subs in the first place.

Mizkif revealed in a recent stream that Kaceytron paid him $500 USD via PayPal. All good, right? Well, Mizkif never gave her the 400 subs!

Mizkif explains: You want to know the funny part about this? I never gave her her subs [laughs]. Yeh, I didn't know that yet, so I pretty much stole $500 from her, and she found out, and she was like 'wait a minute, what?'. 

So what happened after this? It turns out, instead of messaging Mizkif, Kaceytron opened a PayPal case against the money. 

Mizkif laughed about this action from Kaceytron, saying how she could have just messaged him about it.

In the end, Mizkif didn't really steal from Kaceytron or try to scam her knowingly. However, it is funny how all this cheating drama and accusations of trying to "steal" from Mizkif ended with Kaceytron never receiving any subs, and Mizkif receiving $500 USD from her.

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