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Pokimane shares her biggest fear about Twitch streaming

Pokimane joined DisguisedToast in a new podcast episode to discuss her streaming career and her biggest fear about Twitch streaming.
Pokimane shares her biggest fear about Twitch streaming

Imane “Pokimane” Anys is no stranger to streaming and social media breaks. The Twitch streamer had recently returned from a break amidst the RFLCT drama and offered her views on the controversy.

As one of the platform’s biggest streamers to date, Pokimane has a legion of followers waiting for the next live stream or a social media update. However, she had opened up on some of the concerns she has about streaming too frequently on Twitch.

Pokimane shares biggest fear about streaming

Pokimane has found a streaming schedule that meets her needs and demanding schedule. Taking regular breaks as to not exhaust herself has allowed the streamer to be quite flexible with her streaming schedule.

In a recent Offline TV Podcast video, Pokimane joined fellow member DisguisedToast, discussing a range of topics including content creation and her streaming career. Pokimane revealed that streaming does take up much of her time and as such, takes a strain if she streams continuously.

Pokimane explained that one of her biggest fears when it comes to streaming or creating content is “developing some kind of a crazy health issue”. Since she spends most of her time sitting, Pokimane expresses that it can “take many years of my life because of what we do”.

pokimane, talking, offline tv, podcast, twitch, streaming, ups and downs
Pokimane discusses some of the ups and downs she experiences with being a Twitch streamer. (Picture: YouTube / Offline TV Podcasts)

She further commented that if you’re like fellow Twitch streamers, xQc or Hasan, you would stream around 10 hours daily on Twitch. “I’m legit not built like that bro.”

On the topic of surviving long streaming sessions, DisguisedToast asked Pokimane on the topic of consumption of caffeine or medication. The Twitch streamer retorted, “Is it even possible to do that without health percussions?”

pokimane, disguisedtoast, talking, offline tv, podcast, twitch, streaming, ups and downs
Pokimane certainly knows about taking breaks and explains why she feels it is beneficial to her streaming career. (Picture: YouTube / Offline TV Podcasts)

The interview, which is available on the official Offline TV YouTube channel, has gained over 500,000 views since its upload on 21st October 2021. The topic begins at the 1:05:00 mark in the video below.

Undoubtedly, Pokimane may be the queen of Twitch but she’s also the queen of taking breaks effectively. And we do know, there are a few more in the foreseeable future.


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Featured image courtesy of Twitter / Pokimane.