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Pokimane doesn't mind being called "mommy" by her fans

The Twitch streamer revealed that she doesn't mind being called 'mommy' but with an exception.
Pokimane doesn't mind being called "mommy" by her fans

Imane ”Pokimane” Anys has been called many names by fans during her streaming career on Twitch. However, users who have called her by using expletive and derogatory names have gotten a swift ban by the Twitch streamer.

During a recent Valorant stream, Pokimane asked her community about one particular name she gets called frequently onstream. However, her take on the name caught many by surprise.

Pokimane asks if being called “mommy” is weird?

The Twitch streamer was joined by a few of her friends for a Valorant livestream when she engaged her chat in an interesting conversation. After taking some fire damage, Pokimane pleaded with her team’s healer, Sage, to support her with some healing.

Pokimane asked her community a rather interesting question during her Valorant livestream. (Picture: Twitch / Pokimane)

The streamer commented, “I need a heal, Mommy Sage. Mommy. Mommy Sage”. As she received some healing from her teammate, Pokimane asked her fans a rather peculiar question.

“Guys, is it weird if people call me ‘mommy’?”. She then quickly added that she doesn’t have a problem being called ‘mommy’ but with one exception.

The related segment begins at 2:10:00.

“Until they start talking about breastfeeding, then it gets a little weird. But if it’s just like mommy, you know, I just called this Sage my mommy because she’s healing me like a mother figure is a nice, caring one.”

This isn’t the first time the streamer has been called by this name on stream. Early this month, Pokimane had an unban request stream in which she stumbled across a request from user ‘sadlyiamstillalive’.

Early this month, Pokimane has unbanned a fan for a surprising reason. (Picture: Twitch / Pokimane)

The user attached the message “mommy, sorry, mommy, sorry, mommy, sorry, mommy, sorry, I know where the door is *sigh*” for which she accepted the user’s request and unbanned him. The message left Pokimane, and her chat in fits of laughter as the streamer tried to pull her together.

She then explained to her chat why she ultimately agreed to unban the user. “I’m sorry, I found it funny, so I unbanned him. I’m sorry. Don’t hate me. I had a little giggle. It was a meme. It was a good meme…  Come on.”

The related segment begins at 2:59:59.

Giggle or not, Pokimane seems quite comfortable just being called ‘mommy’.

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Featured image courtesy of Pokimane / Twitter.