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Pokimane gets Rickrolled thanks to hilarious TikTok self-defence vid

Twitch streaming superstar Pokimane found herself getting Rickrolled in 2021 thanks to a brilliant TikTok self-defence video.
Pokimane gets Rickrolled thanks to hilarious TikTok self-defence vid

Imane "Pokimane" Anys is one of the biggest female Twitch streamers ever, delivering amazing content to her followers. However, even Pokimane isn't immune to some trolling/baiting from time to time. In a recent, hilarious incident, Pokimane got Rickrolled like it was 2008 by a brilliant TikTok video shared by one of her fans. Here's how Pokimane got Rickrolled in 2021...

Pokimane gets Rickrolled

For those who don't know what being Rickrolled is, it basically comes down to thinking you are clicking on a link to something interesting or watching something that has caught your interest, only to get directed to Rick Ashley's "Never gonna give you up" song, released all the way back on 27th July 1987.

The song, which became a meme in early 2000, was used to "Rickroll" probably billions of people (we are just guessing) and over time, Rickrolling someone has fizzled out.

That's probably why Pokimane never expected to get Rickrolled in 2021. 

Pokimane rickrolled rick ashley tiktok self-defence twitch stream(Picture: Pokimane)

One of her followers on Twitch, during a recent stream, directed Pokimane to a self-defence video on TikTok by Liam Wilson Smyth.

This brilliant video showed a man teaching the "deadliest self-defence move known to man" and even mentioned it was created in 1987 (the year Rick Ashley's song got released). Further, the move was made by "Yeltsa Kcir" which is an anagram for "Rick Ashley".

The video even got Pokimane to start swinging her arms, learning the "deadly move" before she got Rickrolled. Check it out below.

Pokimane was first stunned, as she realized she fell victim to a Rickroll in 2021. She exclaimed: "There’s no way! There’s literally no way! Did I really just get Rickrolled through a TikTok in 2021? What the f$#k?"

Pokimane proceeded to share the experience on Twitter and shared the TikTok self-defence video with some of her friends.

It just goes to show, no one, no matter what year it is, is ever truly safe from a Rickroll, which will never give you up, and never let you down...