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Siege's TSM Achieved house swatted as he prepares for Pro League

The Rainbow Six Siege pro player explained how a viewer threatened with pulling a prank on him, brushing the comments as nothing more than baseless intimidations.
Siege's TSM Achieved house swatted as he prepares for Pro League

Just mere days after Phillip Dosen, better known as ImperialHal, got swatted live on stream, another member of TSM suffered the consequences of this dangerous prank, Matthew "Achieved" Solomon.

Swatting or the act of prank calling an emergency number to dispatch armed police offices to someone's house is nothing to be taken lightly, as it has lead to people being murdered and perpetrators taken to prison.

"So someone decided it would be a fun idea to SWAT my old house in Florida aka my parents house. Thankfully everyone is okay and no one got hurt," Achieved shared this past 6th January.
The Rainbow Six Siege pro player shared via Twitter that a viewer had threatened him during a recent Twitch broadcast, claiming he'd pull a similar stunt against him. 
achieved swatted
Achieved during a R6 tournament (Picture: DreamHack)

Brushing it off as nothing more than mere empty words, Achieved banned the user from his chat only to find out his parents were raided by armed officers.


"Worse part about it was this guy was in my stream saying he was gonna do it an hour before. I banned him and didn’t think it would actually happen because people troll like this before. Really wished I called or something," he explained.

Fans and community members were supportive and relieved nothing bad came of this incident. It remains to be seen of Achieved will pursue legal action to find the culprit.