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Spanish Twitch partner, Mery_Soldier, has been banned from streaming

The Twitch streamer and Falcons content creator, Maria “Mery_Soldier” Soldado, has received a ban from streaming on the platform.
Spanish Twitch partner, Mery_Soldier, has been banned from streaming

Welp, yet another streamer has succumbed to Twitch’s ban hammer. This time around, it’s Spanish streamer, Maria “Mery_Soldier” Soldado. The streamer has grown immensely over the last 2 years, breaching the 100K mark only about 1 year ago. Popular for League of Legends, Valorant and Apex Legends streams, Maria boasts a following of over 322 thousand fans with a total of 7.6 million views. Sadly, fans will have to do without her streams for a while, as she’s been temporarily banned from using the platform.

Details on Mery_Soldier’s Twitch ban

It would seem that Twitch is clamping down on partners who infringe on their Terms of Service. Fortunately for Maria, her ban is only a slap on the wrist. Since it is the streamer’s first-ever ban, her suspension from the platform only lasts for 24-hours. This is good news for fans since she only has about 8 hours remaining on her ban, at the time of writing. This means she can return to streaming as early as 12th June BST.

According to her tweet, she said that “it’s because of something about the RP”, adding “no mischief with the Russian from now on” (translated from Spanish).

She was likely alluding to her last GTA Online RP stream with some of her fellow streamers. We sadly don’t have any further information regarding what happened, however, we can speculate that it was nothing too serious, like how JubileeBlais linked her OnlyFans account to her Twitch channel. 

Maria Mery_Soldier Soldado twitch partner banned(Picture: Mery_Soldier / Twitch)


Perhaps her jokes went over the line

Maria is known to be an interactive streamer and can be quite unpredictable. Her community is also a vibrant bunch, with their own inside jokes (which is often just acid humour). Having been dished out her first ban, perhaps we can expect her not to let those jokes go over the line.

If you’re looking for a new, fun and interactive streamer to follow, then be sure to check out Maria’s Twitch channel (once she’s returned, of course).

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Header image credit: Mery_Soldier on Twitter.