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Stolen r/Place art is being sold as NFTs

The community effort made by Reddit users on r/Place is being re-uploaded by Crypto enthusiasts and offered on auction sites like OpenSea.
Stolen r/Place art is being sold as NFTs

The NFT community continues to rip off artists and projects with the intent of profiting and has now targetted the viral r/Place subreddit. 

If you've been living under a rock, the r/Place subreddit is an online canvas where users from all around the world can come together and create incredible art pieces.

The artwork conceived can be reworked at any given time, as anyone can override pixels within the canvas at will, albeit not a lot to prevent trolls from continuously shredding it. 

Streamers and content creators have dedicated the last few broadcasts to dissecting the many images that have appeared on r/Place, with some developers, such as Bungie, rewarding their communities for highlighting video games like Destiny 2.

Sadly, outsiders are looking to profit from this free endeavour, screenshotting certain art pieces and selling them as NFTs.

r/Place artwork sold as NFTs

Over the past few days, a few pieces of art clearly ripped off from r/Place have shown up on sites like OpenSea, the biggest NFT marketplace in the world. 

Over at the One Piece subreddit, dedicated to the long-running anime and manga franchise, user FrostDesigns spotted their Roger art being auctioned for a starting price of $300.

one piece
The One Piece subreddit was one of the first to call out NFT scammers selling their art. (Picture: r/OnePiece)

Sadly, this is not an isolated issue. A quick scan through the OpenSea site will net you plenty more results of pieces from the collaborative effort being sold to profit what essentially amount to modern-day art thieves.

It's even more egregious since, as we've mentioned, users can influence only a pixel of the entire canvas at a time. The amount of coordination and dedication entire communities have to pour to create a single art piece is uncalculated. 

It also goes without saying that the entire effort is made out of pure love for whatever thing they want to immortalise in r/Place, with no profit being made whatsoever despite the time poured into it.  

r places
OpenSea allows users to steal art and sell it as NFTs of their own. (Picture: OpenSea)

It's a long shot, but we hope OpenSea targets these users looking to take advantage of such an incredible joint effort by thousands of users and avoids the reproduction of r/Place artwork as NFTs.

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Featured image courtesy of r/Place.