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Sweet Anita workout stream causes fan to defile hotdog bun

Sweet Anita was grossed out after receiving a down bad video of a weirdo masturbating into a hotdog bun while watching her workout stream on Twitch.
Sweet Anita workout stream causes fan to defile hotdog bun

Sweet Anita is a popular Twitch streamer and YouTube content creator with a collective following of over 3 million fans. She is beloved by her fans for her unapologetic ability to be herself; however, some viewers clearly take things a step too far. Recently, a "fan" sent her a private video of themselves masturbating into a hotdog bun while watching her workout stream, which left her feeling disturbed and disgusted.

Sweet Anita fan defiles hotdog bun over workout stream

On 10th November, Anita tweeted about the incident on Twitter, saying: "I just did a workout stream because I like encouraging my discord community to workout with me, and I got a video of someone watching my stream and masturbating into a hotdog bun."

The Twitch star later responded to a comment asking whether she ever gets "numb to this weird and creepy s***" and said that while she keeps thinking that she will "get used to it at some point," it never actually happens.

Anita also posted a screenshot of the conversation, which appears to have been communicated over Twitter or Instagram.

Caution for younger readers: The section below contains descriptive content that is sexually explicit.

In the messages, the unidentified individual wrote: "You have one of the fattest asses ever. When I see you stand up, I want to pull your ass into my hard c***k. I need you to post a pic of your body from behind in a thong."

The person then attached a video of themselves masturbating while watching Anita's workout stream. "I've been waiting for this. You can see the pre c*m."

sweet anita twitch sent masturbating video hotdog bun workout stream
Someone sent Sweet Anita a video of themselves masturbating to her workout stream. (Picture: Twitter / Sweet Anita)

Naturally, our response to this is: "ew, what the actual f***k", although the sad reality is that this is not few and far between. Perhaps this person took T-Pain's instructions to "preorder, preload and prec*m" literally at the Call of Duty: Vanguard launch party, but this is down bad disgusting.

Many of Anita's fans on Twitter encouraged her to report the user and take further action.

"Just... Yuck. Here in Australia, sending unsolicited photos of genitals is considered 'using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence' and is a crime. Similar laws exist elsewhere – I would be contacting local law enforcement to check," one Twitter user commented.

Otherwise, fans noted how the situation has grown out of hand. In particular, they noted how these "weirdos" keep coming back and that neither Twitch nor the local authorities are doing anything about it.

Sadly, the reality is that this harassment is not even close to that which many other female streamers and content creators endure daily.  Nevertheless, it continues to blow my mind how some people, for some reason, lack the basic level of human decency because this type of behaviour is far from normal.

We hope that Anita will pursue further action against this individual and continue to put out even more awesome content.


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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / Sweet Anita.