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Amouranth slams Twitch bodybuilder Knut for cheating accusation

Amouranth hits back at Twitch IRL bodybuilding streamer Knut in hilarious exchange following accusations of cheating during the infamous OTK Schooled episode.
Amouranth slams Twitch bodybuilder Knut for cheating accusation

Back in May 2021, there was a lot of drama surrounding episode 3 of One True King (OTK) Schooled, hosted by Mizkif on Twitch. While the winner, Kaceytron, confessed to cheating, other cheating allegations have been thrown around against the Hot Tub queen, Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa. While Amouranth denied these cheating allegations, saying she is not an "idiot meat barbie", it appears people can't just let it go. Enter Knut, an IRL Twitch bodybuilding streamer who has now slammed Amouranth for cheating, calling her out in the process.

Amouranth hits back at Knut for cheating allegation

For those who don't know, Knut is a Norwegian bodybuilder and gamer who streams his IRL escapades. He is quite outspoken and doesn't shy away from his strong opinions on matters.

In a recent stream, Mizkif was listening to Amouranth and Knut chat and finding the whole ordeal quite hilarious. Knut came out to say how he is 100% sure Amouranth was cheating, while Kaitlyn didn't pull any punches as well.

Amouranth slams Knut twitch bodybuilder streamer cheating OTK Schooled MizkifJust look at Mizkif's face! (Picture: Mizkif & Amouranth via Twitch)

Knut started things off by saying: "Listen, I am 100% sure you were cheating." while Amouranth interjected, "you're wrong".

While Knut tried to explain the math question, Amouranth slammed the Twitch bodybuilding streamer, saying: "Unlike you Knut, I have a brain and boobs, okay. You just have boobs. I don't want to hear it from you."

At this point, Mizkif's reaction was priceless, as his jaw nearly dropped to the floor. Knut continues to try and explain why he thinks Amouranth cheating during the infamous OTK Schooled episode, saying that she did a high-end math question in her head without even writing any notes down. 

Amouranth again hit back, saying "I'm sorry you are not capable of having answers solved in your head."

Someone, please call the burn unit right now...

Amouranth slams Knut twitch bodybuilder streamer cheating OTK Schooled Mizkif(Picture: Mizkif)

Unfortunately, the clip has been removed from Twitch. However, you can view the exchange between Amouranth and Knut via this LiveStreamFail page.

While we will likely never know for sure if Amouranth cheated, the whole exchange between Knut and the hot tub queen is quite hilarious, especially the way she slammed the bodybuilder calling her out.

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