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Twitch Error 503 Service Unavailable: How to fix connection failure error

Users are reporting Error 503 Service Unavailable and connection failure error while trying to access Twitch, and here is the current status of its fix.
Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms worldwide, and a huge amount of users consume content on it. Maintaining this huge amount of traffic is definitely not an easy task, and technical issues might occur from time to time. Recently, a lot of worldwide users are reporting an issue while trying to open Twitch, i.e. Error 503 Service Unavailable or connection failure. 

Twitch Error 503 Service Unavailable Fix

Twitch 503 error

Twitch Error 503 Service Unavailable

While everyone is looking for a fix, the unfortunate thing is that Twitch’s technical team hasn’t announced a fix for this and are actively working on getting it resolved. Here’s what they said regarding this:

“We are aware that users may be experiencing errors accessing Twitch at this time. Our team is currently investigating to fix this issue.”

Meanwhile, Twitch has decided to remove the option to log in with Facebook by 30th September. So, make sure to link your account to the latest email address; otherwise, you won’t be able to log in to Twitch using your current username.