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Twitch mistakes Rocket League pro for Arsenal football club

Twitch made the mistake of featuring the incorrect Arsenal livestream as Rocket League pro reacts on stream.
Twitch mistakes Rocket League pro for Arsenal football club

Rocket League professional player Tshaka “Arsenal” Lateef Taylor Jr made the best of a rather awkward situation when Twitch confused the player for English football club, Arsenal F.C. 

The English football club had a planned livestream viewing party last week, which was meant to be on the platform’s front page. However, Twitch confused the club for a Rocket League pro, placing his stream on the front page instead and hilarity ensued.

arsenal, twitch, streaming, rocket league, eu regional open, livestream
Rocket League pro player, Arsenal, was livestreaming the RLCS EU Regional Open on Twitch last week. (Picture: Twitch / Arsenal)

Confused for the wrong Arsenal

The Rocket League pro, who represents Spacestation Gaming, was hosting another  Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) European Open livestream on 22nd October 2021. Arsenal’s chat suddenly took note of a sudden surge in viewership which caused confusion and prompted the pro to question it.

However, when the Rocket League pro discovered the reasoning behind the surge in views, he and the chat couldn’t contain their laughter. It became apparent that Twitch had confused him for the English football club and his reaction was caught on stream.

“Got scammed, got scammed,” Arsenal hysterically reacted. “This ain’t soccer. Motherf**kers came for soccer, this ain’t soccer, b*tch, we play with cars.”

Arsenal had seen his viewership rise quickly and took full advantage of Twitch’s mistake. The Rocket League pro had seen his viewer count rise from 2,000 to 17,000 while he ran several ads in between.

Eventually, Twitch had identified their mistake and promptly corrected it. Twitch had mistakenly placed the Rocket League pro on the front page of the platform, not the English football club.

arsenal, twitch, streaming, rocket league, eu regional open, front page, laughing
Rocket League pro player, Arsenal, found out his stream was on the front page of Twitch. (Picture: Twitch / Arsenal)

“I just unintentionally finessed Twitch,” Arsenal commented on Twitch’s apparent mistake. Regardless, this mistake made by Twitch provided some incredible moments that lived long after his stream ended.

Arsenal has found success in Rocket League, especially during RLCS Season X and has won events in the previous competitive season. Currently signed with Spacestation Gaming, Arsenal is one of the Rocket League’s successful pros amassing tournament winnings well over $175,000.


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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / Arsenal / Twitter.