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Twitch removes "shoutout" sub refunds following streamer backlash

Twitch has removed an option that allowed users to refund subscriptions claiming they "just wanted a shoutout".
Twitch removes "shoutout" sub refunds following streamer backlash

A few days ago, Twitch streamer TalesOfTiny drew attention to a brand new option Twitch has introduced for viewers who are requesting subscriptions refunds.

When users want to refund their subscription, they are presented with several options to choose from as a reason for their refund request.

And while these options are purely for the purpose of collecting data, TalesOfTiny discovered that Twitch has added "just to get a shoutout" as one of the options given, which sparked an overwhelmingly negative reaction in the streaming community.

Streamers saw this as an official encouragement from Twitch for people to troll streamers without consequences, as now they have an option that basically justifies their trolling.

Whenever a streamer gets a new sub, they usually personally express gratitude to that viewer in addition to often being visually present on the stream, for example, on a list of the latest subscribers.

Twitch "just wanted a shoutout sub refund
(Picture: Twitch)

And while the reasoning behind this new option might be to simply collect data and to better understand which percentage of refunds is due to this reason, it still essentially institutionalize "shoutout" as a valid reason for refunds, which is far from being ideal, and the streaming community was rightfully worried.

A few days after the conversation about this option started, Twitch has responded to the community's concerns.

"This info is used to improve the subscription experience for creators and subscribers," Twitch responded. "We did not intend to make it seem like we are encouraging this behaviour"

Twitch explained that "a limited refund window" was added to protect customers from accidental purchases, and that the list of cancellation reasons was introduced in 2018 to help Twitch understand viewers' refunds better.

Ultimately, Twitch understands that the "shoutout" option might have a severely negative impact and can encourage trolls, so they have decided to listen to community feedback and remove this option.