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Pokimane's Teammates Trash Talk Her Thinking She's On Enemy Team

Pokimane's teammate trash-talked her after mistaking her for a player on the opposing team during a Valorant match.
Pokimane's Teammates Trash Talk Her Thinking She's On Enemy Team

Twitch megastar Imane "Pokimane" Anys is widely beloved by the Twitch community; however, it shouldn't be a surprise that not everybody has nice things to say about the star. During a recent Twitch live stream, Pokimane’s teammates started trash-talking her in a Valorant match, thinking she was on the enemy team.

However, in a funny twist, the same teammates praised her skills after Pokimane carried them to victory. The incident occurred after the teammate was (falsely) made aware that she was playing as Sage on the opposing team. They then trash-talk her, not knowing she was actually on their team. Talk about being toxic.

Pokimane’s Teammates Trash Talk Her In Valorant

Pokimane Valorant Trash Talk Twitch
Pokimane is one of the most popular female streamers on Twitch. (Picture: Twitter / Pokimane)

Pokimane played as Sova during the match, but her team confused her as Sage. Initially discovered by her allied Jett, the player shockingly said, “Dude, I’m playing against Pokimane right now. Who’s Pokimane? Sage? What the f*ck? My homie just messaged me.”

In clear disbelief, Pokimane’s teammate, Omen, asked, “wait, really?” to which Jett confirmed. The streamer looked a little shocked, thinking her identity in the current Valorant game was blown, and her teammates found out who they were playing with in their match. But this wasn’t the case.

The players then started trash-talking Pokimane after thinking she was another player in the game. The allied Jett continued, “I’m going to sh*ft this Sage now,” implying a form of vulgarity and noting they would kill Sage for most of the game. Pokimane then took a moment to step back and facepalm herself over the player's toxic remark.

Funnily enough, the embarrassing story doesn’t end. Pokimane went on to get two kills at Bombsite A, killing the opposing Reyna and Omen and winning the round. In excitement, Jett, who thought the streamer was on the enemy team, immediately trash-talked her, saying, “OMG, you’re different baby; you’re different Sova.”

pokimane twitch streamer valorant mishap
Pokimane is a Morrocan-born streamer who plays various games, including Valorant, Among Us, League of Legends, and more. (Picture: Twitter / Pokimane)

Pokimane, still unrecognized, stood still and expressed a total “what the f*ck” moment. This short but disgusting moment is a clear indication of how hard streamers have it across public games, especially when there are players who instantly trash talk and exhibit hostility toward them and other players.

In a Reddit post, comments about Pokimane’s hardship reigned supreme, with some users sympathizing for her and a few others laughing at the situation.

Luckily for streamers like Pokimane and many more people abused by their teammates in Valorant voice chats, Riot Games released a new Voice Evaluation System on 24th July 2022 for North American servers.

The system is currently in beta exclusively for the region. Still, after successfully concluding the testing phase, it should make its way across the globe as the latest way to catch toxicity.

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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games and Pokimane.