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Twitch to get long-awaited rewind feature

A recent tweet from the official Twitch Support account announced that over the next month the streaming platform would be experimenting with some new buttons. Amongst those named were a Rewind feature which will be music to many ears, here's all the latest on the Twitch rewind button.
Twitch to get long-awaited rewind feature

People enjoy watching Twitch streams in many different ways, and many different places. Some watch on a train commuting to work, some watch in the background while they cook, but the platform is accessible and convenient for so many.

With all that said, there are times viewing streams when you want to go back 30 seconds and watch something again. Maybe you missed something, or just want to laugh at a funny moment again.

As of now, there is no way to bump back a Twitch stream, but that may soon be changing. Twitch Support recently announced the testing of a rewind feature, and it could be what many have waited a long time for.

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A new rewind feature was announced for an upcoming test phase. (Picture: Twitch)

Twitch rewind feature coming soon

In a recent tweet from the official Twitch Support account, the company announced there would be up to three new buttons tested over the next month. The tweet said that some users may see a Rewind the Stream, Remind Me, or Watch Trailer option pop up in a beta testing period.

Twitch announced the testing phase would be running for an expected one month long. They also encouraged feedback from their supporters to make the test run more effective.

Remind Me and Watch Trailer should be welcomed additions as well, particularly the latter. A trailer could be a potential way for streamers to sum up their channel in a one or two-minute video for prospective viewers who may not want to watch a full stream right away.

Now you won't miss your favourite xQc moments. (Picture: xQc)

The announcement is very brief and unexpected, leading to believe there will likely be further commentary from Twitch on the new rewind feature. Of course, if anything breaks we'll be sure to update our official Twitch page dedicated to all things streaming.

Featured image courtesy of Twitch.