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Parasocial Twitch sub criticises Veibae and Sodapoppin's relationship

A longstanding subscriber of VTuber, Veibae, sent her a detailed letter expressing concerns about her recent actions and behaviour.
Parasocial Twitch sub criticises Veibae and Sodapoppin's relationship

Popular VTuber, Veibae, has amassed a broad following thanks to her warming voice, confident personality and entertaining streams. However, lately, she has faced plenty of criticism from the Twitch community, with more recent claims suggesting that she uses voice-altering software to "farm" viewers.

Now, an angry Veibae subscriber sent the VTuber a letter expressing their concern and frustrations over her recent actions. While they have accused Chance "Sodapoppin" Morris of allegedly "grooming" Veibae, it's apparent that the Twitch superstar didn't take this viewer's concerns too seriously.

Parasocial Twitch sub sent Veibae an angry letter

On 5th February, Veibae received a note from a frustrated 'parasocial' subscriber, read onstream by Sodapoppin. The subscriber described their frustrations at the VTuber for allowing "attention-starved, gossip-hungry, sh*tty dregs of Soda's fanbase" onto her streams over the last couple of weeks.

The subscriber reportedly isn't pleased with Sodapoppin publicly "advertising" their relationship either, nor for Veibae granting him a role in the Discord server.

The subscriber continued to state that he's deeply annoyed by how Veibae "beats around the bush" whenever she talks about Soda, calling him "a boring loser".

They continued their vent, expressing that they aren't some "LSF retard”, gossiping about various streamers and their personal lives.

Instead, they called Veibae and Soda "professional online clowns", citing that their continuous flaunting is likened to a "hot high school couple".

veibae angry letter twitc sodapoppin alt account
Sodapoppin read the angry letter addressed to Veibae during a Twitch livestream. (Picture: Twitch / Skippypoppin)

According to the disgruntled subscriber, Veibae and Sodapoppin are reportedly incapable of separating their personal and professional lives on-stream.

The subscriber further complained that they dared to question other streamers who keep their personal lives private when publicly flaunt theirs.

Further in the letter, Sodapoppin was accused of "taking advantage" of the VTuber by "allowing his followers to generate gossip to "farm interest". Additionally, they speculated that Soda might be grooming Veibae as they noticed how isolated the VTuber had become.

veibae angry letter twitch subscriber
VTuber, Veibae wasn't the least bothered by the angry letter addressed to her. (Picture: Twitch / Veibae)

The subscriber further speculated it might even be the reason for the sudden change in her content during her streams and the shift in "vibes" in her chat. Additionally, the letter notes that these frustrations resulted from being "worried" for Veibae as this newly found attitude could be "seriously harmful to people".

The letter concludes with the subscriber stating Veibae needs to "self-reflect" and understand how bad her relationship with Soda is. They advised that the VTuber "remove Soda from the equation" and regain control of her streams and chat.

After 15 months of subscribing to Veibae, the viewer revealed that they'd no be longer be subbing to the VTuber, expressing that they're uninterested in what she has become. They had requested Veibae to do whatever they wanted as they "don't care anymore".

Fortunately, the letter left the VTuber unfazed as she couldn't contain her laughter as Soda was reading it. So, while Veibae may have lost a viewer, her followers gained plenty of laughs at the subscriber's expense.


Featured image courtesy of Twitch / Skippypoppin & Twitter / Veibae.