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VTuber FeFe banned from Twitch over supposedly flashing their virtual avatar

FeFe claims that the ban will last for only 24 hours.
VTuber FeFe has been handed her 2nd Twitch ban today, 4th October 2021, after allegedly streaming for only 15 minutes before her account got banned live during the stream.

Live bans usually happen only in a few specific cases, either when someone sends a DMCA strike due to a channel streaming copyrighted content, or when there is a rather severe break of rules occurring on the stream which warrants that channel to be immediately banned.

Why is VTuber FeFe banned from Twitch?

In the case of FeFe's ban, according to reports of those who have allegedly watched the stream that got her banned, FeFe was streaming with her virtual 2D avatar topless while trying to unsuccessfully censor the problematic parts (character's breast).

The streamer had clips blocked and the VOD has been deleted, so it is unclear if FeFe was streaming topless from the beginning or if the avatar was "flashing" viewers a couple of times.

FeFe claims that this ban will last for only 24 hours, as she informed her viewers that they should "relax" and she will "see y'all tomorrow."

VTuber FeFe banned from Twitch over supposedly flashing their virtual avatar
FeFe calls her own streams "Lick'a'thons" (Picture: FeFe)

As we've already mentioned, this is FeFe's second Twitch ban, the first one being from June when she was suspended for 48 hours. FeFe is generally known as one of the more NSFW (Not Safe For Work) VTubers, who often describes her avatar as "horny", and she is known in the community for quite literally licking other streamers' avatars. She even calls her own stream "Lick'a'thons".

Flashing or any other kind of explicit nudity and sexuality is strictly forbidden on Twitch, and following the hot tube saga, Twitch doesn't want to leave anything to the case, and that goes for virtual 2D avatars as well.

Despite having an overall sexualized undertone of her streams, FeFe has managed to mostly stay out of trouble until now, but Twitch has shown that it will not tolerate sexualised content on the platform. Awkward things like licking other avatars might fall under weird but acceptable gimmicks of her persona, but outright topless streaming is definitely something that can get FeFe permanently banned.

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