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xQc blasts IRL streamers for travelling during pandemic as Jinnytty returns to South Korea

The former Overwatch pro has always been outspoken but few things have got xQc riled up as much as IRL streamers who have continued to travel the globe in search for content.
xQc blasts IRL streamers for travelling during pandemic as Jinnytty returns to South Korea

It doesn't need saying but the last twelve months have been gruelling; a brutal pandemic that has taken millions of lives, hospitalized many more and even now with a vaccine its hard to see how we return to normality. The various levels of lockdown restricting us to our homes and stopping us seeing friends, family and from doing the things we love.

And that is to say, nothing of the lost jobs, dashed dreams and plans big and small ruined by this unseen foe.

It has been tough and sacrifices have been made for the common good, a situation more difficult when some have followed the rules imposed to the letter while, at the other end of the scale, some argue if COVID-19 is even real (pro tip: it is - wear a mask).

How serious people have taken it, or otherwise, reached Twitch over the weekend after it emerged that Korean IRL streamer Jinnyty, who has been travelling across the US and is currently in Austin, Texas staying with fellow streamer Efsund at the OTK house, had invited her brother to the house.

Jinnytty covid texas xQC

The only issue is no one else at the OTK house knew Jinnytty had invited her brother and it caused a rift with Jinnyty then announcing her return to South Korea.

Jinnytty did make an apology of sorts after the issue came to light but to many, it seemed she pitied her own situation rather than took responsibility for her actions. Jinnytty's brother, KrustingKevin also a streamer, said his own piece, claiming that "covid didn't affect me that much, I was just chilling."

"Covid sucks sure, but covid only sucks because people around me said it sucks." What. A. Take.

With the issue trending on LiveStreamFails, Felix "xQc" Longreal gave his view on those that aren't taking the situation seriously though made a point not to mention Jinnyyty or KrustingKevin by name.

Spending twenty minutes during a recent stream explaining how these restrictions are meant to protect lives, and more importantly protect people other than yourself.

"It's almost like criminal irresponsibility, it's so f**king stupid," xQc said.

The former Overwatch star also had short shrift for anti-vaxxers and more broadly for those that claim that COVID-19 is not a big deal.

"The problem is when you take risks for others, that didn't actually ask for any of this s**t."

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A clearly irate xQc continued: "'I am young I just wanna live my life' - Yeah! So does everyone else!" Your not special, I am not special, everyone wants to go to work, have a job, and live life!" 

xQc also said that those that have a platform have a responsibility to their impressionable viewers and quickly shut down viewers felt he was straying into politics telling his mods to ban any "edge-y" comments.

This is not the first time Jinnytty has found herself in trouble during the pandemic, she faced criticism when she travelled around Europe in September of last year and has also caused outrage for incidents such as the team she crashed her scooter while streaming. A situation that caused her to receive a seven-day ban from Twitch.