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xQc explains why he lost Twitch Streamer of the Year award

Twitch star Felix "xQc" Lengyel is not upset and prefers to win an award he can't manipulate, noting that these awards are more worthwhile.
xQc explains why he lost Twitch Streamer of the Year award

Twitch superstar Felix "xQc" Lengyel is among the most popular streamers on the platform, boasting a massive audience of over 10 million followers. Despite being a former Overwatch League pro, xQc is most beloved for his entertaining streams and unscripted personality.

While the star is a known hothead, with a propensity for raging at fellow players using a creative menu of expletives, it is no surprise that he was nominated for Steamer of the Year, alongside fellow icons Mizkif, Sykkuno and Ludwig Ahgren, the latter of whom won instead.

Despite not winning, xQc explained that he wasn't upset and didn't want to encourage people to vote for him, having been previously criticised for doing so for OWWC in 2017.

xQc not upset he lost the Streamer of the Year award

xqc twitch streamer of the year streamer awards
xQc says he pretended that voting for Streamer of the Year never existed. (Picture: Twitch)

Speaking to Twitch chatters, xQc said, "Whenever we did the voting for content, I clicked on my own square, and I immediately turned off the page." The iconic streamer continued, adding that he acted like it didn't exist because he didn't want to "skew the votes" by making it a vote of who was more or less popular.

xQc explained that it would have been easy for him to use his platform to influence the vote, which would have led to him winning an award that he "almost created." xQc added that he  also thinks "it's kind of lame."

The streamer went on to say that people can believe that it's a "cushion of excuses" for not winning if they want to but explained that he would feel better winning awards he didn't manipulate.

"It's just a matter of not like having awards or having these accolades; it's more like earning them in places where I can't manipulate them. I think it makes these awards more worthwhile," he said.

xQc's take on the matter has earned him praise with fans on Reddit, who applauded him on his mature approach to the matter. "It's a fair point. If he had won, the Reddit thread would have been full of comments like 'he wasn't actually the best streamer this year, just has the biggest audience'," said one user.

twitch xqc based stream awards streamer of the year
Reddit users have praised xQc's mature take on the matter. (Picture: Twitch)

"We were even seeing those comments pop up preemptively when people were predicting the outcome," they added. Indeed, this is true and given the nearly 900 upvotes on the comment, many would agree.

Admittedly, I was rooting for xQc to win but having heard his take; I understand his rationale for not wanting it in the first place. It is somewhat sad; however, at the same time, I feel that Ludwig deserved it, too, particularly when considering his switch from Twitch to having an exclusive streaming contract with YouTube Gaming.

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