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xQc "Mean Girls" deepfake has Twitch fans in stitches

A Reddit user has created a deep fake of Twitch star, Felix "xQc" Lengyel, as Regina George from the Mean Girls movie and it's absolutely hilarious!
Former Overwatch pro and Twitch star, Felix "xQc" Lengyel, is known to have die-hard fans, but we doubt anyone can top what this stan has done. A Reddit user, Josephelasrihas made a deep fake of xQc as Regina George from the Mean Girls movie. The meme was impeccably executed and sometimes appears to look disturbingly real.

The video meme was posted on xQc's official subreddit on 25th September and has garnered significant attention. The deep fake has xQc's face imprinted onto Regina George's body and if it wasn't for the fact that xQc dyed his hair brown, we might have actually believed that it was real!

Deepfake turns xQc into Regina George from Mean Girls movie

The best part about the deep fake is that the persona chosen is a perfect fit for xQc, who is known to be incredibly toxic in his games (although we love him for it). We feel that, while the video is simply brilliant, it would have been even better should it have included a few audio snippets of the Twitch star's "best" (and by best, we mean most toxic) moments.

xQc deepfake as Regina George from Mean Girls movie is absolutely hilarious
xQc deep fake as Regina George from Mean Girls movie is absolutely hilarious. (Picture: Reddit / xQcOW)

We're also not sure what's more hilarious: the video or the comments. One Reddit user with the username GiveMeAnOnion said: "Ok, this has gone too far" before another user commented, "True…unzips." Another Redditor said: "torn between WutFace or BOOBA," which is sort of weird.

Several other Redditors seemed rather emotionally distraught and cited that the deep fake may have done permanent, irrevocable damage. "If this doesn't [sic] make X delete the subreddit, nothing and I mean nothing will," one user commented.

Twitch star xQc as Regina George from Mean Girls is the best deepfake ever
Twitch star xQc as Regina George from Mean Girls is the best deep fake ever. (Picture: Reddit / xQcOW)

The video nearly flew under our radar since xQc has yet to react to this video. It is possible, however, that he has been too busy with the Twitch Shitcamp 2021 activities to notice. Hopefully, the video will get his attention once the festivities are over at the end of this week.

You can check out the full deep fake video, which we have embedded below for your viewing consideration.

We are somewhat torn in seeing his reaction as we're not quite sure whether he should. If xQc does react to it, then one thing is for sure: it is guaranteed to include a diverse array of expletives.


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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / xQcOW and Paramount Pictures.